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  1. The Benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses for Commercial Growing

    The Benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses for Commercial Growing

    Whether you’re operating a roadside farmer’s market or you’re a major commercial grower, investing in a high tunnel greenhouse can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

    These structures will expand your growing season, protect your crops, and improve your harvest – all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional commercial greenhouse. Commercial farmers across the United States are enjoying the benefits of high tunnel greenhouse growing. If you’re ready to join them, there are a few things you need to know.

    The following guide will take a deep dive into how a high tunnel greenhouse works, some of the top benefits, and the most important growing tips.

    What is a High Tunnel Greenhouse?

    A high tunnel greenhouse, also known as a cold frame greenhouse or a hoop building, is a large, unheated structure made from a steel frame and a translucent fabric cover. It doesn’t require a heater, fan, or other equipment designed to control the internal environment. Instead, they rely on insulation and solar heat to create warmth inside.

    When deciding on the right high tunnel greenhouse for your needs, you’ll want to pay attention to the quality of materials. It's also important to consider the dimensions of the structure versus the space you have...

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  2. Custom Storage and Shelter: 4 Solutions You Can Personalize

    Custom Storage and Shelter: 4 Solutions You Can Personalize

    Renting storage can get pricey whether you need garage storage space for a small landscaping business or bustling construction site. Since the pandemic began, prices for storage rentals have increased due to demand. That’s why many people are interested in purchasing customizable storage solutions to fit their unique needs. From fabric to all-steel structures, there are a variety of reasons why these options are a solid investment. Here are 4 garage storage ideas you can personalize to fit your property in order to protect belongings. 

    Benefits of Storage Solutions

    Purchasing customizable garage storage options for a property can be a sizeable investment for a small or large business. But the benefits likely outweigh the costs. Here are several benefits to consider when deciding on which custom storage solutions you need for your home or business. 

    • Personalization: Customizable garage storage solutions provide a wide range of options from size to color and material. The benefit of purchasing these shelters means you don’t have to invest in a building that is either too big or too small for your needs. Instead, you can build the ideal shelter depending on its intended use. 
    • Convenience: Having storage solutions...
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  3. Why Buy New? Extend the Life of Your ShelterLogic Garage When You Replace Your ShelterLogic Garage Cover

    garage cover | shelterlogic replacement covers

    Did You Know You Can Replace The Garage Cover to Many ShelterLogic Products?

    When we develop products at ShelterLogic, we build them to last. However, season after season of use can wear down the covers of our garages, canopies, and more.

    For many of our customers who have ShelterLogic shade and shelter products that are out of warranty, it may not be necessary to buy an entirely new unit. But did you know you can replace your ShelterLogic garage cover, instead?

    Thanks in part to the feedback of so many of our customers, we have developed the ShelterLogic Replacement Cover program.

    This initiative allows past customers to order covers for their ShelterLogic products and extend the life of their shade or shelter. Rather than purchasing a brand new garage, customers can keep their old frame and purchase a new cover in the same or new color...

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  4. Choosing Shelters for Horses: How to Find the Right Portable Horse Shelters

    Choosing Shelters for Horses: How to Find the Right Portable Horse Shelters
    When it comes to finding a shelter for your horses and livestock animals, it’s best to keep it simple. While it’s important to keep them sheltered and protected, it’s most beneficial to provide animals with the ability to move freely in and out of a structure that offers sufficient ventilation and cross breeze. Learn more about the best livestock shelter options for healthy and happy horses at home.

    Why a Barn Isn’t Always the Best Shelter Option

    When you picture a home for your horses, you probably expect they’ll need a large barn or enclosed stable to retreat to for sleep and shelter. And while these units are great for sheltering livestock after hours, they’re not adequate to keep animals out of the heat and sun during the daytime. In fact, constantly confining your horse in a stall such as this can be detrimental to their physical and mental health.

    Barns can easily become stuffy and unsanitary. Low ventilation exposes horses to dust and bacteria from their feces, feed, and bedding which leads to mucus and respiratory inflammation. Such confinement can have a negative impact on your equine’s colon and intestinal health because of their limited mobility much of the day. Even confining ponies can cause negative effects during growth and development, increase the risk of injury, decrease performance, and more.

    Even if your animals spend a lot of time outside their barn or stall, an expensive barn or enclosed structure isn’t always necessary. Horses, for example, naturally enjoy wide open spaces, and they tolerate both heat and cold fairly well. In fact, equine expert Nancy Ambrosiano explains, “Horses conserve body heat efficiently and, therefore, need less shelter than we think they do.” (Source: The Horse) These animals typically just take shelter from strong winds or for shade.

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  5. Horse Health 101: The Importance of Livestock Shelter

    Horse Health 101: The Importance of Livestock Shelter
    Caring for horses or other livestock? Find out why a livestock shelter is crucial to maintaining animal and horse health, particularly in the summer season.

    How Hot Weather Affects Horse Health

    Horses cool off just like humans do – by sweating. Yes, it's true! Horses have sweat glands much like humans. Just like us, horses sweat when they generate energy. Unlike (many of) us, however, horses spend most of their time creating energy outside, which in turn generates heat. Since horses spend so much of their time generating heat outside, you can imagine why it's important that they be able to cool down easily and quickly.

    So if horses spend their time generating heat, how does the hot summer weather affect their health?

    Without an easy way to cool down, horses can overheat which can be detrimental to their health. In fact, when horses cannot effectively cool off, they begin to show signs of overheating through dark urine, reduction in skin elasticity, lethargic behavior, high body temperature, and other indicators. Once they display such symptoms or reach internal temperatures of 105 degrees are higher, it's important to cool your horse off immediately. If not taken care of, the risk of heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or even death greatly increases.

    Preventing an Overheated Horse with On-Site Shade...

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  6. Skin Cancer Prevention - The Benefits of Reliable Shade

    Skin Cancer Prevention - The Benefits of Reliable Shade

    As soon as the warmer weather hits, most people can’t wait to soak up the summer sun. However, significant sun exposure can often lead to premature skin aging, wrinkles, cataracts, and life-threatening skin cancer. Skin cancer is considered the most common type of cancer, and millions fall victim to this disease every year.  In fact, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. (Source: Skin Cancer Foundation) With such high risks, are you doing all you can to maximize skin cancer prevention?

    Skin Cancer Prevention: The Facts

    According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, increasing damage to the ozone layer greatly intensified the risk of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure over the years. While ozone-depleting substances are now regulated to help minimize damage, scattered UV rays can still have an impact even on the cloudiest days.

    How does skin cancer occur?

    Everyday sunlight (regardless of clouds) omits UVA and UVB rays, which age the skin and cause sunburn. Too much radiation exposure damages your skin cell’s genetic materials, accelerating cell growth which then leads to skin cancer. Even getting a sunburn just once in a two-year time-span can triple your risk of melanoma. (Source: Cancer Research UK)

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  7. Grower's Guide: What is a Cold Frame Greenhouse?

    Grower's Guide: What is a Cold Frame Greenhouse?

    If you’ve been looking for ways to extend your growing season or start warm-weather seedlings early, you may have come across the term “cold frame greenhouse.” These outdoor plant shelters can protect your precious plants from winter weather and make sure your plants are ready to go in the ground as soon as spring has sprung.

    Want to learn more about cold frame greenhouses and whether they’re right for you? You’re in the right place! The following guide will tell you everything you need to know.

    What Is a Cold Framer Greenhouse

    A cold...

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  8. See Our ShelterTech SP Series Building At The Simsbury-Fly In Show This Weekend!

    See Our ShelterTech SP Series Building At The Simsbury-Fly In Show This Weekend!

    Join us at the Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show and see our ShelterTech SP Series building in person

    On Sunday, September 25th 2016, ShelterLogic will be at the Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show in Simsbury Connecticut where we will have a ShelterTech SP Series Building on display. Visit our booth between 8am to 3pm at the Simsbury Airport in Central Connecticut for our raffle and much more! This year's show will feature hundreds of airplanes and cars out on display and will host a full schedule of activities, seminars and fun for the whole family. Be sure to bring the kids for special activities. Not only that, but at the show, ShelterLogic will feature many products on display, including a 12 x 20 x 8 ft. round ShelterTech SP Series building as a display model. screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-1-48-39-pm-copy We will also be making this display model 12 x 20 x 8 ft. round ShelterTech SP building... available for pre-sale at a big discount! If you're interested, visit our booth to place your order and take home the unit. There will only be one available! We've taken a few photos of the building set-up to show you that assembling a ShelterTech SP Series is pretty easy to do. On average, setting up the ShelterTech SP Series shelter with 3 people can take up to 3 hours - that's it!  At the show, we hope you stop by our booth and get a closer look at the quality of the materials we use in the manufacturing of this reliable building: from its certified U.S. galvanized steel frame, to our very best Ultra Duty 21.5 oz., waterproof cover. Shelte
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  9. Meet The All-New Corral Shelter Livestock Shade

    Meet The All-New Corral Shelter Livestock Shade

    Get reliable shade and shelter where your animals need it most

    We’ve studied the needs of livestock and equine ranchers, farmers and hobbyists, and found that one of the biggest challenges lies in the ability to provide reliable shade and shelter for animals anywhere in the field.

    The Corral Shelter Livestock Shade: Innovation in Equine

    Through the years ShelterLogic has manufactured a variety of equine shade and shelter products that provide reliable protection from the elements – but most of these have been designed to remain stationary.

    Our latest initiative was to develop a shade that is functional, durable, and with increased portability: one that would be different from our line of Run-In Sheds, but would maintain the same level of quality engineering as our line of equine products.

    We set to work to bring innovation in shade and shelter; and we’re proud to announce the release of the all-new Corral Shelter livestock shade...
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  10. ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy: Strong Canopy, Faster Assembly

    ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy: Strong Canopy, Faster Assembly

    Get the canopy that will save you time with ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy.

    With summer here, many of us have plans for a bit of fun in the sun. For those hot summer days, ShelterLogic canopies are perfect for getting out of the heat and cooling off. Many canopies can take some time to assemble, but who wants to spend their time outdoors putting their canopy together when they could be enjoying the fantastic weather, instead? We know how precious your time is, and that’s why we’ve developed ShelterLogic’s AccelaFrame Canopy. Whether you are going to the beach and need some shade, or you're looking for the perfect outdoor canopy or patio cover, ShelterLogic’s AccelaFrame Canopy is the perfect shade solution, and it’s our most versatile, functional canopy yet.

    Assembling Your AccelaFrame Canopy

    AccelaFrame Canopy Engineered to save you time, the AccelaFrame Canopy is a sturdy and functional shade that takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Not only is assembly faster, it’s also easier than ever before. Setting up the AccelaFrame Canopy is effortless because it comes pre-assembled – so all you need to do is unfold the ribs and, voila! Once you've put your canopy frame together, install the cover and you are ready to enjoy the shade.

    How Can I Use A ShelterLogic AccelaFrame Canopy?

    AccelaFrame Canopy When we said it was versatile, we weren’t kidding. The AccelaFrame Canopy is durable and has a variety of different uses. It's perfect for:
    • Farmers markets and roadside events
    • Picnics and barbecues
    • Shelter...
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