How the Camp&Go Selkirk XXL Comfort Camp Chair Came to Be

The king of comfort and luxury in the woods, the all-new Selkirk™ Max Shade™ XXL comfort camp chair and Selkirk™ XXL comfort camp chair by Camp & Go bring a new level of comfort and relaxation to the sideline, campground, and anywhere else this portable chair can be used.

As impressive as this new, premium camping chair is, the story of how it came to be is even more so. It's a story that spans multiple generations and began almost 70 years ago in the woods of Western Pennsylvania.

Pull up a chair (preferably a Selkirk XXL), and we'll tell you the story of how the Selkirk XXL line came to be... 

A Chair Designed with Campers In Mind

A camping trip on the opening weekend of trout season had been a tradition for Bob Silinski and his buddies Art Bykowski and Russ Kamin since 1953, when they hopped in a car and headed to Caldwell Creek. It's a tradition they've passed along to their sons and nephews, and an adventure that tightens the bond they share.

But there was one part of this excursion that the friends could do without: the discomfort they'd feel when sitting in average, ordinary portable camping chairs. So, years later, when Bob's son, Rob Silinski, became President of ShelterLogic Group, he set out to design a camping chair that would suit everyone's needs, regardless of stature and shape, and could be the go-to chair wherever you go: the backyard, the park, the tailgate, the beach, and anywhere else you'd need a portable chair.

If Rob was going to design a chair to honor the camaraderie of the Caldwell Creek campers, it would have to offer maximum comfort and functionality. And who better to design the most comfortable camp chair than his old fishing buddies? Rob brought nearly a dozen different camping chairs to their Caldwell Creek fishing...

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