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  1. Shade, Storage, and More Solutions for Livestock Farms

    farm shelters for sale

    No matter the size of your livestock farm, the same basic principles apply to running a successful operation. You need the right tools and solutions to care for animals, store feed and heavy equipment, and to provide the proper environment to grow crops. While there are a number of farm shelters for sale, it’s important to research and invest in the right cattle shade structures and multi-use sheds in order to protect your animals, crops, and equipment.

    The Importance of Cattle Shade Structures

    From horses to cows, sheep to goats, livestock can be adversely affected by the elements in every season. In the blazing heat or harsh winter wind, it is crucial to provide your animals with proper shelter for their wellbeing and performance. Just like protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays, you must do the same for your animals.

    • The impacts of heat: Did you know animals can get sunburns, too? Cattle shade structures are crucial to shielding animals from sun exposure that can even lead to skin infections. Aside from skin protection, proper sheltering can keep an animal’s temperature in check, preventing overheating and other health issues that can lead to more serious illness.
    • Wind exposure: Wind chills can have a profound impact on body temperatures in livestock during winter cold snaps. Cattle shade structures provide a respite from harsh winds, which will in turn keep animals safer
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  2. The Benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses for Commercial Growing

    The Benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses for Commercial Growing

    What are High Tunnel Greenhouses?

    If you’re looking for a spacious, customizable and easy-to-use gardening solution, high tunnel greenhouses might be the perfect solution. High tunnel greenhouses (also referred to as hoop buildings) are large, unheated greenhouse structures that help extend the growing season and protect plants. High tunnels are often considered cold frame greenhouses because they don’t require heaters, fans, or other environment-controlling equipment to serve their purpose. Rather, they simply consist of a translucent fabric cover, a steel frame, and rely solely on the sun for internal heat.

    The Benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses

    high tunnel greenhouses

    Expand Growing Capabilities.

    Outdoor weather can be pretty unpredictable, especially at the start of the growing season. Early morning frost, frozen ground, or unseasonable heat waves often prevent farmers or gardeners from trying new crops or starting crops earlier or later in the season. These inconvenient weather complications tend to damage delicate growing seedlings and starter plants. High tunnels are most beneficial because of their ability to extend your growing season and plant options. With a high tunnel, plants grow in a more controlled climate, minimizing the impact of threateningly hot or cold weather and allowing you to get a jump start on the growing season. These units not only allow you to plant longer but make growing ten

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  3. ShelterLogic's Winter Storage Gift Guide

    ShelterLogic's Winter Storage Gift Guide
    Winter is here, and if you haven’t yet found the perfect storage unit to keep your items safe in the cool weather, now’s your chance. At ShelterLogic we’ve got the perfect winter storage for RVs, boats, classic cars and more. Looking to tuck away expensive outdoor items from the elements? We’ve got the perfect winter storage option for you. In this gift guide, you’ll learn about our unique shelter and storage solutions that provide the most reliable protection and the differences between them. Discover our range of shelter products from premium and customizable solutions to affordable pre-fab options. Choose the shelter that’ll best suit your winter storage needs.

    Premium Winter Storage Options

    Made to Order ShelterTech SP Buildings

    For tough weather ready buildings that are snow and wind rated, look no further than our premium ShelterTech garages and shelters. From businesses to residences, our ShelterTech SP Series offers a large selection of size options and 3 roof styles. With more choices, you’ll have a better opportunity to create a unit for your specific application. To accommodate a variety of different needs, choose from buildings as long as 100 ft. and in peakround or barn styles.

    ShelterTech SP Series in Round Style, Starting at $1,860.81

    The round style provides a great amount of width space and sheds snow the best

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