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  1. Too Hot and Too Cold: Why Your Items Need to Be Stored at the Right Temperature

    9 Ways to Use Camping Tables and Camping Chairs

    A backyard shed is a great place to store your tools, pool supplies, lawn equipment, and more. However, if you don’t take some simple precautions, temperatures inside your shed can reach extremes and cause damage to your items.

    Many people think that items made for outdoor use don’t require any special accommodations. However, extreme heat and cold can have negative effects and shorten their lifespan. Here’s a closer look at some of the issues you may face and the best cold and hot storage tips to help you prevent them.

    Lawn Equipment & Machinery

    Since extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on moving parts inside engines, proper hot and cold storage is critical for lawn equipment and machinery. Even if you use low viscosity oil, it will get thicker in the extreme cold. This creates more resistance, putting excess strain on the internal parts.

    In freezing temperatures, batteries also have less pulling voltage, making it harder to start your equipment...

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  2. How to Build a Metal Shed

    How to Build a Metal Shed

    Whether your need convenient, on-site storage or you want to create a man cave, there are many practical reasons to add a metal shed to your property.  But, before you can enjoy all the benefits, you need to build your new shed.

    Luckily, metal shed installation is quite simple. In fact, you don’t need any DIY know-how or fancy tools to complete your shed installation. While each type of metal shed will have its own specific installation instructions, the general process is the same.  Follow these steps and you’ll have your new shed up and ready to enjoy in no time!

    Step 1: Prepare for Shed Installation

    The first step to shed installation should be checking to make sure you have all the permits you need. Check with your homeowner’s association and your local municipality to make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row.

    Next, make sure you have a space large enough to accommodate your structure. There should be at least a couple of feet of room on each side, so you’re able to easily reach all areas to do maintenance as needed in the future. Also, make sure there aren’t any low-hanging branches or utility lines in the way and that you won’t run into trees, shrubs, or other landscaping.

    To make sure you’re fully prepared, read through the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Then, layout all the parts in order. This will help you ensure nothing is missing before you start the shed installation process. Also, gather all the tools you need. You’ll want to make sure you have a power drill or driver, a tape measure, and a nail gun. If you need to level the ground, you’ll also need wooden stakes, string, a string level, a garden rake, and a tamper or plate compactor.

    Your shed ins...

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  3. Turn a Steel Garage Into a Workshop in 10 Easy Steps

    Create a Steel Workshop Garage in 10 Easy Steps

    Do you dream of having a comfortable, organized space to work on your next project? Creating a fully functional workshop garage is easier than you might think! 

    If you don’t currently have a garage or the one you have doesn’t have enough extra space, a steel garage is a perfect solution. Whether you're a mechanic, a woodworker, or a metal fabricator, you'll love having your own steel workshop garage! Buying a separate structure will allow you to create the workshop of your dreams without worrying about leaving space for vehicles and other items. You can also place your new workshop garage away from your home, reducing noise transference and giving you your own separate space. 

    Follow these ten tips and you’ll be spending your days tinkering in your new workshop before you know it.

    Plan Your Garage Woodshop Layout

    Prior to starting any major project, it’s always a good idea to sketch out a plan. First, take some time to think about how large of a structure you’ll need. Consider how much work space you need for the types of projects you enjoy doing and how much room you need to store all your tools and equipment.

    If you don’t have a lot of land, a smaller 12-foot by 25-foot steel garage should accommodate your needs. However, if you have enough room, you might want to choose a larger structure as this will give you more flexibility.

    Next, sketch a rough layout of where everything will go. Take note of where the doors and windows are located and the size and mobility of the tools and machines you own. If you’re going to use tools like table saws and drill presses, remember that you’ll need to make special accommodations. For example, a table saw requires at least four to eight feet of open space on all sides and a drill press should be kept against a wall, so it’s less likely to tip over.

    If you’re not quite...

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  4. Winter Equipment Storage Solutions

    Winter Equipment Storage Solutions
    Whether you need your snow blower after a blizzard or just an ice scraper on a frosty morning, it’s so important to have all your winter equipment ready and accessible when you need it. However, it’s not just for convenience: when your winter equipment is protected from the snow, ice, sleet, and corrosive materials, it will work efficiently and will need to be replaced less often. From small storage sheds you can keep near your front or back door to detached garages you can keep in your backyard or on your driveway, there are many great portable storage options to keep your winter equipment safely stored and ready for use. Let’s look at some of our favorite types of units for winter equipment storage, and how you can use them to be ready when the next snowstorm hits:

    Deck Boxes and Small Metal Sheds for Quick Access to Winter Equipment

    When you’re hit with a snowstorm or your wet stairs, sidewalk, and driveway freeze over, there are certain items you may want to access quickly. For you, it may be essential items such as a snow shovel, roof rake, sand, and some sort of ice melt. Your kids may have a different idea: like toys that can be used for snow day fun. For both purposes, a deck boxes or a small metal sheds would be the ideal storage solution by the front or back door for snow and ice removal equipment, winter toys, and more. Here are some practical storage options that will even add to your front yard or backyard aesthetics:

    Spacemaker Deck Box

    Spacemaker’s tough and attractive steel deck boxes fit nicely on the front or back porch. Its top opening makes it very practical for keeping buckets of sand or bags of ice melt dry. ...
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