What is a Canopy Chair, and Why Do I Need One?

What is a Canopy Chair, and Why Do I Need One?
June 03, 2022

Spring melts into summer almost overnight, and as that warmer weather approaches, we'll all spend more time outdoors. From camping trips to Saturday mornings spent field-side at a youth soccer game, canopy chairs are a summertime must-have.

You probably already know what a canopy chair entails if you're an outdoorsy person. On the other hand, perhaps you've never used one and are considering investing, and you're curious whether it will be worth the money. Not all lawn chairs are created equal, so trust us when we say a well-made canopy chair is well worth every penny!

What is a Canopy Chair?

A canopy chair is just what it sounds like, a chair with a canopy. There isn't too much intrigue behind the name, but they come in various shapes, lengths, heights, and sizes. Some come with built-in storage like cupholders and individual coolers. Depending on the retailer, a folding chair with canopy might be high-quality, or it might not. When it comes to cost, it's up to you to decide what you want to spend, but you usually get what you pay for when it comes to canopy chairs.

The canopy chair is a camping chair with a top, though it's developed far beyond that over the years. A canopy chair allows the user to ensure available shade wherever and whenever needed. Sitting directly in the sun is only recommended for so long to avoid sunburn or other adverse effects, and on hotter days, sun exposure can lead to dehydration.

A canopy chair can combat all of this by providing constant shade, and they're excellent for families with babies or little ones as well! They make a fantastic alternative to big, clunky strollers, and they're much easier to fold up and carry. Just ensure that an adult holds the baby in the canopy chair, and never leave children unattended, especially in a chair that folds up! Canopy chairs are the best way to get out of the sun without going to sit inside.

Where Can You Use a Canopy Chair?

One of the best aspects of the canopy chair is that they fold up quickly, and most of them come with a carrying bag to tote them back and forth. You can use a canopy chair almost anywhere you go.

You're most likely to see canopy chairs at the beach or campsites, but they're incredibly versatile and make a good companion for a vast number of events, including:

  • Sporting events
  • Family reunions
  • Cookouts
  • Outdoor birthday parties
  • Bonfires
  • Firework shows
  • Parades
  • Fishing
  • County and state fairs
  • Vendor events and shows

Pretty much anywhere that you'll be outside for an extended period constitutes the use of a canopy chair. It's great to have one on hand because you never know when you'll need it. Canopy chairs are highly convenient, offering a place to rest and shade from the sun all in one package.

Canopy Chairs Sports GameCanopy Chairs Sports Game

How Does a Canopy Chair Work?

Canopy chairs are not dissimilar to basic lawn chairs or camping chairs. In fact, a canopy chair is essentially a camping chair with canopy. When you order or purchase your canopy chair directly from the store, it will come folded up, likely in a canvas or vinyl waterproof bag.

The bag typically has a string on it that allows you to tighten the top so critters and other debris don't get inside with your chair. You'll pull it out of the bag and stretch the legs or arms to open it up to set up the chair.

You likely won't have to lock anything into place, as weight is enough to keep a canopy chair in place. However, it's essential to read the accompanying instructions carefully to ensure proper use.

The top of your canopy chair should come in the same bag as your chair, but it probably won't be attached. Most canopy chairs require that you secure the top once the chair is set up, typically with poles that click into place either on the arms or in the back of the chair.

When you're done with your chair, simply dismantle the canopy, fold it back up, and return it to the bag. It's one of the most straightforward and versatile items you'll ever own.

Are Canopy Chairs Easy to Set Up?

Canopy chairs are effortless to set up, but this depends on the brand you purchase. As long as you go with a reputable manufacturer, you won't have any setup issues. However, if you choose a cheaply-made chair, there's always the chance that the setup may not go smoothly, or it could be difficult to snap the canopy into place.

When purchasing anything, especially online, it's good to read through customer reviews. Consumers tend to be brutally honest on the internet, and if any of them have had trouble setting up the chair you're interested in buying, the reviews will let you know.

You'll want to make the ease of setup of your canopy chair a top priority, as it's likely you'll travel with it. You won't want to deal with a fussy or complicated chair while attempting to get comfortable at the beach or a holiday parade.

Canopy Chair TailgateCanopy Chair Tailgate

Are Canopy Chairs Easy to Carry and Store?

Other than comfort and shade whenever you want it, the ease of storage and travel makes a canopy chair so appealing. They're incredibly easy to carry, as most of them are lightweight and come with a carrying bag, complete with a shoulder strap.

Canopy chairs were designed to go from place to place, so it's only natural that they should be easy to carry. Of course, these are general statements, as we can't speak for every canopy chair ever made, but overall, they're a very portable item.

Canopy chairs take the cake concerning storage. Depending on what size you purchase, canopy chairs are typically relatively slender and fit into many different storage locations without taking up much room.

For example, you might store a beach chair with canopy in your trunk, so you can access it whenever you need it. Trunk storage works well for avid campers, sports fans, and parents with kids who regularly have outdoor events or activities.

Most canopy chairs should slide right down the side of a trunk or fit nicely behind the back seat of an SUV or van. You won't even know it's there until you need it!

If you don't spend much time traveling with your canopy chair other than in your backyard, you can easily store it in your basement, shed, garage, mudroom, or closet. The bag will keep the chair from getting dusty or dirty, and it will also stop it from spontaneously unfolding.

If you're unsure where you'll store your new canopy chair, take a few measurements before you purchase and compare them to the size of the chair. For example, a beach-specific canopy chair typically has a larger canopy than a patio or camping chair.

What are the Features and Benefits of Canopy Chairs?

Canopy chairs have plenty of beneficial features. Some come with a cup holder for your drink, while others feature a little canvas cooler attached to the side, ensuring you'll never run out of snacks. Some have large, extended canopies, while others feature less coverage. Canopy chairs have many different elements that vary by manufacturer, but the overall benefits remain the same.

  • Canopy chairs feature a cover that offers shade, so you spend less time sitting directly in the sun. Canopy chairs provide continuous protection from damaging UV rays.
  • Regardless of where you are, canopy chairs offer plenty of comforts. From the backyard to the beach, they provide access to constant seating. A comfortable base lets you sink in and relax, while the open design of the chair and canopy allow for plenty of airflows.
  • Canopy chairs let you keep your precious hot day items close with cupholders and pockets to store cool drinks, snacks, lip balm, and sunscreen!
  • Canopy chairs are travel friendly as most of them are relatively lightweight and fold down to tow them around easily. If you're busy, this is the perfect travel chair option for you.

You'll likely need to shop around to find the perfect canopy chair for you, but with so many available options, it shouldn't be too hard. Focus on features, size, ease of setup, and customer reviews to help you choose!

Quik Shade Canopy Chairs: A Summertime Essential

There's no doubt that canopy chairs make summer living just a little easier. When you bring your canopy chair with you, you'll have access to relaxation and personalized shade whenever you need it!

Quik Shade canopy chairs are the perfect choice to complement all of your summer activities. Choose from our selection of quad chairs, lounge chairs, beach chairs, and camp chairs to kick your summer off with comfort. Canopy chairs make fantastic gifts as well, so visit Quik Shade to shop for your new canopy chair today!

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