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Blue Shed with a woman gardeningBlue Shed with a woman gardening
Blue Shed with a woman gardening

Steel This Storage


Perfect for your storage needs, and to complement your backyard.

Vehicle ProtectionVehicle Protection
Vehicle Protection

Lower Prices, Free Shipping


2024: The Year of the Arrow Carport. Get one today and protect your ride for less.

Everest Steel GarageEverest Steel Garage
Everest Steel Garage

Steel Garages


Great for automotive storage, workshop space, and more.

White Vehicle in a Gray GarageWhite Vehicle in a Gray Garage
White Vehicle in a Gray Garage

Portable Parking


From the Garage-in-a-Box to the ShelterTube, ShelterLogic has you covered.

Deck Box next to a poolDeck Box next to a pool
Deck Box next to a pool

Deck Boxes


Made of tough steel, our deck boxes bring attractive storage to your deck or patio.

Patio ShedPatio Shed
Patio Shed

Patio Sheds


Add attractive, compact steel storage to your patio or deck.

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Keep supplies and decor at hand in a patio shed or a deck box.

Patio ShedsPatio Sheds
Patio Sheds
Deck BoxesDeck Boxes
Deck Boxes

Portable Parking

Need a place for that extra car or truck? Check out the Garage-in-a-Box and other portable garages from ShelterLogic.

Portable ParkingPortable Parking
Portable Parking

Rack it Up!

Need a place for that extra car or truck? Check out the Garage-in-a-Box and other portable garages from ShelterLogic.

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Versatile Storage Buildings with Practicality

Adding an outdoor storage building to your home or business has countless benefits. Aside from protecting whatever you choose to store inside, it also adds a level of organization to your outdoor space. But perhaps the best part about purchasing an outdoor storage shed from ShelterLogic is its versatility.

When you only have a standalone structure or an attached garage, if your storage needs change there is nothing you can do. However, with a storage building, you can assemble and reassemble as many times as you want on different areas of your property for ultimate versatility. Portable outdoor storage sheds are easy to assemble and incredibly lightweight. The following information will provide everything you need to know about our storage buildings, including important features and benefits, and how to choose the perfect one for your needs.

What is an Outdoor Storage Building?

These outdoor storage buildings from ShelterLogic are essentially fabric structures that stand up to the elements no matter what type of climate you live in. Created with a durable metal frame, an outdoor storage shed comes in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors to store anything from yard equipment to large vehicles. You can choose from multiple sizes of outdoor storage sheds, garages, carports, and even custom storage buildings for your needs.

Why Should You Choose ShelterLogic Storage Buildings?

An outdoor storage shed from ShelterLogic is the ultimate way to add organization and convenience to any property. When purchasing one of these top-of-the-line storage buildings, you can have peace of mind that you will receive products built with high-quality materials that are built to last for years to come. From a small outdoor storage shed for a gardener to a larger storage building to fix up your cars, adding one of these structures is also simple enough to do it yourself.

Benefits of Outdoor Storage Sheds from ShelterLogic

Of course, permanent storage units are fantastic if you have one. But in many situations, an outdoor storage shed creates the same benefit with a fraction of the cost. Here are some benefits to having a fabric storage building.

  • Flexibility: If you expect your home or business storage needs to change at all, a temporary storage building is the best way to go. You’ll be able to disassemble the structure and put it back up anywhere you want, which will save money in the long run.
  • No permit needed: If you wanted to build a standalone structure or an add-on to your home, a building permit would be needed. This costs money and of course takes extra time. But a fabric outdoor storage shed generally does not need a building permit, although it is always smart to double check with your local municipality.
  • Versatility: While you may decide to use your outdoor storage building for your lawnmower or garden tools one day, you may grow out of a smaller structure and need something bigger. Many of our outdoor storage sheds have the option to add on sections to an existing building, which will save you from having to buy an entirely new building.

Popular Ways to Use ShelterLogic Storage Buildings

While storing vehicles and lawn equipment is the most common way to utilize an outdoor storage shed, the possibilities are endless when you purchase one of these versatile storage buildings. Here are some of the best ways to make the most out of your outdoor storage shed.

Store Livestock Feed

Whether you have a few animals or a full-fledged farm, storage buildings are ideal for keeping livestock feed safe from the elements. You will save significant money by purchasing feed in bulk, and you can also keep it safe from the weather and pests by protecting it inside of a storage building.

Gear Storage

Outdoor storage sheds are ideal for keeping landscaping equipment and supplies safe all year long. But it’s also a great place to keep lawnmowers and garden shears in the winter when it’s snowing, and you don’t necessarily need them anymore. Win back garage or attic space by adding outdoor storage sheds to your property.

Boat Protection

While it’s normal to see a car, truck, or motorcycle in a storage building, don’t forget your boat. Leaving a boat outside can wreak havoc on your investment. Adding a storage building will keep it safe from the harmful UV rays, wind, rain, and snow. You can also store your ATV or RV while you’re at it!

Commercial Storage

Does your business stock up on inventory for the holidays or need extra supplies for the busy season? If so, adding a outdoor storage shed to your property can help you deal with storage issues. This is far more cost-effective than renting an off-site storage unit.

Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Storage Building

Now that you’re aware of some of the creative ways to use an outdoor storage shed, you might wonder how to select the right one for your needs. To help you decide, look at some of ShelterLogic’s most popular outdoor storage shed options and the best uses for them.

Garage in a Box

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to keep your vehicles safe from the elements, ShelterLogic’s Garage in a Box is an excellent option. The Compact model is perfect for small or medium cars and small trucks. If you have a larger vehicle, you'll want the SUV/truck model, which is larger and offers more clearance.

Both are made with an all-steel frame that is powder-coated with a premium thermoset finish that prevents corrosion, rust, chipping, and peeling. The cover is made of triple-layer rip-stop polyethylene with UV treatment and antifungal agents. These elements combine to create a durable storage building that will provide dependable performance year after year.


Do you need to store lawn and garden equipment, patio furniture, pool supplies, ATVs, or small tractors? Consider a ShelterCoat garage. It comes in three different styles: barn-style, round, or with a peaked roof. This storage building also features two double-zippered doors, one in the front and one in the rear. This allows for both simple shed storage and easy access.

ShelterCoat garages also come in a wide range of sizes, making them ideal for anything from storing small items in the backyard to bulk inventory storage.


If you’re looking for a ton of flexibility and customization options, check out the ShelterTech line of outdoor storage sheds. This brand offers the greatest range of sizes and roof styles in its class, so you can easily design your structure to meet your exact needs. They’re also expandable, so you can extend the space without any long-term interruptions.

Every ShelterTech product is made in the USA with U.S.-certified galvanized steel. The SP Series of ShelterTech storage buildings is also wind and snow rated and designed to stand up to the harshest winter weather.


Looking for a reliable storage building that has incredible wind and snow ratings? Check out the ShelterTube garage. It features an industrial-grade square tube steel frame and a 100% waterproof, UV-treated cover that is available in standard, heavy-duty, or ultra-duty strength. It also offers a wind speed rating of 80 MPH and a snow/ground load rating of 43 pounds per square foot.

The two zipper doors on either end make drive-through access easy, and the eight-foot height allows users to fit large vehicles through the doors with no issues. Prefer roll-up doors? No worries! A conversion kit is also included.


The AutoShelter Instant Garage is an excellent option for compact storage of lawn and garden equipment, tractors, ATVs, jet skis, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other grown-up toys. It’s also ideal for wood storage and other types of bulk storage. This is a solidly constructed and affordable outdfoor storage shed that offers plenty of flexibility. You can choose either the standard style or a round-top, which is excellent for keeping rain and snow from collecting on the roof.


If speed and efficiency are important for you, the AccelaFrame Garage might be your best option. It features patented quick assembly technology and comes in a wide range of sizes ranging from 12 x 10 x 9 all the way to 12 x 100 x 9. In most cases, you can put these storage buildings together in less than an hour!

AccelaFrame outdoor storage sheds are durable, sturdy, and strong. Just choose the right size for your needs, and you can enjoy same-day protection for your ATV, car, truck, or boat.

Arrow Carport

For a stylish and functional way to protect your vehicles from the elements, carports are an affordable and simple option for any property. These outdoor storage sheds are a practical solution for storing anything from boats to outdoor furniture.

The Arrow Carport is specifically designed with inclement weather in mind. They can withstand 100 MPH winds and a snow load of 35 PSF and come with a 10-year warranty! You can customize the width and length of your Arrow Carport, from 10 or 12 ft. wide, all the way up to 100 ft. Long.

Storage Buildings: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wind and snow load rating?

When purchasing an outdoor storage shed, you want to make sure you are adding the right one for your climate. If you anticipate high winds or heavy snow, make sure to purchase storage buildings that are wind and snow load rated. A wind rating refers to the amount of wind the building can withstand and is specified in miles per hour. A snow load rating indicates the weight of snow the building can physically hold, and is designated in pounds per square foot, or PSF.

How do I anchor a storage building?

Storage buildings must be anchored for your safety and for the building to perform properly. The type of anchors you should use depends on the surface where you are installing the outdoor storage shed. Choose anchors based on where you are placing the storage building. You can always refer to this guide if you have questions about which one is best for your storage building.