Flat Roof Carports

What Is a Flat Roof Carport?

A flat roof carport is a structure with a flat roof and posts that act as a protective shield for your vehicle. A flat roof carport from ShelterLogic attaches to your home so it can be used not only for car protection, but also can be utilized as a cover for a patio.

These flat roof carports are manufactured with ultra-sturdy electro-galvanized steel which can stand up to wind, water, and rain while protecting your vehicle or patio. This type of carport provides ample protection while also offering a cost-effective way to create shade. These flat roof carport options have pre-cut and pre-drilled materials which make it a DIY project instead of paying extra for professional assembly.

These versatile and rugged flat roof carports have long-lasting vinyl coating over the galvanized steel, which has 5 times the coating thickness compared to a standard steel building. A flat roof carport comes in different colors to match your unique aesthetic. It can attached to a house or trailer to create a shady spot for vehicles, patios, or even lawn equipment.

What's the Difference Between a Freestanding and an Attached Carport?

A freestanding carport can be erected on its own and separate from your building. It acts as a garage that is completely separate from your home or trailer. An attached flat roof carport attaches directly to your home and acts as an extension, offering shade and protection for whatever you place underneath.

An attached carport only has two posts holding up the structure because it attaches onto your home. A freestanding carport would have four posts and stand alone on your property. An attached carport is ideal when space is a premium, and you might not have enough space for a freestanding structure in your yard.