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What Is an RV Carport?

Let's answer this question first: What is a carport? A carport is a structure that typically features a roof supported by beams or posts. It is an outdoor structure that protects your vehicle from the elements; it's like having an outdoor garage without the door or walls.

Unlike a garage, a carport has no walls or doors. Although carports are an open-style structure, they can still provide vehicles with a level of protection against rain, snow, ice, or sun exposure. In fact, in the cold weather, frost will not normally form on the windshield of a vehicle that is parked underneath a carport.

Carports are strong, sturdy structures that need very little maintenance and can complement any outdoor space. In some cases, carports are designed to be wind rated and snow load rated. That means they are engineered to stand up to extremely tough weather. 

An Arrow RV Carport is a tall carport. It is designed to protect your RV, Camper, Motorhome, Truck, Tractor, 5th Wheel Trailer, or any other tall vehicle. Arrow RV Carports have a durable a durable 2-in. square tube steel frame with a powder coated finish that protects the tall carport from corrosion and rust.

The 14 foot high metal roof of the tall carport is made of galvanized steel and offers your RV years of protection from the weather and from harmful UV rays. With a clearance height of 14 ft. 7 in., it is designed to store larger vehicles. In addition to being a tall carport, an Arrow RV Carport can be used to store boats, buses, campers, trucks, snowplows, farming equipment, construction equipment, and more. Each Arrow RV Carport is also wind and snow rated to take on the toughest weather. Arrow RV Carports are engineered to withstand up to 100 MPH winds and up to 35 PSF snow loads*.

Why Do You Need an RV Carport?

Simply put, convenient RV carports can help RV owners save money. Having your own tall carport to protect your RV, Camper, Motorhome, Truck, Tractor, 5th Wheel Trailer, or other tall vehicle from damage from the elements.  

Also, while storing an RV at an established rental facility may seem to make sense at first, it’s just plain inconvenient to store your vehicle away from your home. When you want to make a weekend getaway or take an extended vacation with the family, you’ll have to factor in for extra time to travel to your offsite storage unit and retrieve your RV. Depending on where you live, that can add a lot of extra time to your day, as well as the added hassle that you don’t want before you hit the road.

Camper trailer storage off your property also means it may take you some extra time to get your RV ready. If you have a storage solution at your home, you can pack up quickly and also make routine maintenance checks for the big trip so you can enjoy an all-around smoother experience. If you think you have room for a larger structure at home, the RV carports from Arrow might be a perfect choice.

What's more, while RV owners may not want to invest upfront for camper trailer storage units on their own property, it will end up paying off in the end when compared to renting a storage unit or an offsite space. Depending on the type and size of RV you are storing, along with features of the unit and facility, it could cost hundreds of dollars a month to keep your RV safe from the elements.

If you purchase an RV carport storage solution to place on your own property, it will pay for itself over the amount of time you have an RV to store. In addition to the cost savings on securing your RV at an offsite shelter, you’ll also have immediate access to the vehicle at your home to make maintenance checks and repairs, which can also be an economical win in the long run. Additionally, when your RV is parked on your own property underneath an RV carport, you'll have piece of mind knowing that it's safe from thieves, street toughs, and vandals.

While owning an RV can be expensive, you can easily tack on unwanted costs by ignoring simple measures like protecting your vehicle from the elements. Purchasing a durable RV carport will protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle along with all of the other expensive amenities inside the RV such as furniture and flooring.

RV Carports Are a Do It Yourself Project

Easy to install, the Carport comes with slip-fit connections with pilot holes and self-taping screws making this unit easy to build straight out of the box. It is a project that can be done by two or more handy people in about a weekend's time.

However, like your RV, your RV carport is a major investment, and you want to make sure it's put together the correct way. You may not have anyone who can help you install an RV carport, or you may not feel confident enough in taking the task on by yourself. You also may lack the time that's needed to carefully install an RV carport on your property.

When you purchase a tall carport from Arrow Storage Products, you can select professional installation services at checkout and pay to have your unit set up properly and quickly by installation experts.

An Arrow Carport does not need to be attached to a foundation to stay on the ground. Instead, anchors are used to keep it secured**. Additionally, since it is not considered to be a permanent structure, it may not be considered taxable property in most municipalities***.


* Wind and snow loads given are for reference only and assume a securely anchored frame according to local building codes and ordinances. These have been calculated using combined snow and wind load provisions in accordance with ASCE 7-05. These calculations are based on an unoccupied, fully enclosed building. Local building code requirements vary by location; conformance to local codes is the responsibility of the purchaser. 
** We always recommend a properly anchored structure. Please reference your manual for anchoring best practices or check out this anchor guide
*** Before you buy a temporary garage, we recommend you check with your local zoning department to see if you need a permit or other permissions to erect one on your property.