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Deck Boxes and Patio Storage

Need patio storage that looks great? Keep items like outdoor blankets, patio pillows and more close at hand in a stylish deck box. Protect your items from pests, inclement weather and much more.

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What is a Deck Box

A deck box is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used both indoors and outside. A deck storage box is not only functional, but also gorgeous to look at, adding a luxurious touch to any décor. Whether you utilize these storage solutions as a pool deck box or an indoor accent piece, you will have a unique space to stow away items that also looks great.

What is a Deck Box Used for?

A deck storage box is used for just about anything you need to store out of sight. The advantage of one of these stylish deck box options is the storage solution is so aesthetically pleasing, it almost acts as an extra decoration inside your house or on your deck. A deck box is both an attractive piece of décor as well as a functional storage solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

What is a Spacemaker Deck Storage Box Made Of?

Although these boxes look like delicate and gorgeous pieces of décor, the truth is they are sturdy and built to last no matter where you decide to place them. The storage deck box itself is made using HDG Steel. This is important because this high-quality material is created using a hot-dipped galvanizing process, which means the steel can stave off elements that can generally cause damage. Because of this process, this storage box resists rust and corrosion, making it an ideal investment for your home.

Are Deck Boxes Just for the Deck?

The short answer is no. While they are made to stand up to Mother Nature, storage needs can change in an instant. You may move from an apartment that has an outdoor patio into a home without an outdoor living area. Or perhaps you simply have more use for a storage deck box indoors. Either way, these are so gorgeous, they can be used both indoors and outside. You can even use a deck box in a garage or shed. They can easily store yard and garden tools like gloves or small shovels as well. The possibilities are endless when you purchase a deck box from ShelterLogic.

What Can You Store in a Deck Box?

Take a look around your home or property and decide if there are any items you could tuck away for a little less clutter. You can store just about anything you would like in a deck box. Although the options here endless, here are some popular ways to use a deck storage box.

  • Seasonal items: Need your holiday items stored out of sight, but don’t have an extra room in the closet? A deck box is perfect for tucking away seasonal décor until next year.
  • Children’s toys: We all know how messy a room can look with toys strewn about. Place them all out of sight in a storage deck box.
  • Pet items: Our furry friends can certainly have a lot of clutter. From extra doggie blankets to toys and even food, you can have one central spot to locate everything easily.
  • Seat cushions: Pool seating areas generally have seat cushions when you want to relax in the sun. But during the winter time, it may be best to store these out of sight. That’s where a deck storage box comes in.
  • Towels and blankets: Whether you have towels and blankets for guests, or just have more than you have space for, a deck box is a great place to keep them hidden.

Can You Sit on a Deck Box?

While a deck box can be used to store just about anything, it can also be used as a seating solution in a bind. Depending on the size of deck storage box you purchase, it can hold anywhere from 150-300 lb. However, it is not recommended to use it as a regular seating solution.