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How do you Store Firewood at Home?

When campfire season rolls around, nothing is better than having your own firewood ready to burn. But in order to truly have seasoned firewood that is ready to burn to its full potential, it needs to be stored properly. In fact, firewood storage is one of the most important ways to ensure your campfire burns efficiently.

Proper firewood storage means keeping the wood away from any sources of moisture as well as any pests. Those elements can cause the firewood to rot or become too wet to properly burn. There are a few firewood storage tools that can help to store firewood at your home, such as a firewood rack, cover, carry bag, and even your log holders by your hearth.

Why Are Firewood Racks Important?

Adding a firewood rack to your property is a simple firewood storage tip that everyone should follow. They are specifically designed to keep your wood off the ground, which promotes proper ventilation that helps not only to keep the firewood dry, but also keeps pests at bay. Both pests and moisture are two of the major threats to your firewood burning properly.

Should You Cover Your Firewood?

This all depends on your climate and where you plan to store the wood. While a good rule of thumb is to keep your firewood uncovered to promote airflow, this isn’t always a possibility due to rain, snow, or ice. Make sure if you are expecting any inclement weather to cover your firewood. Firewood covers from ShelterLogic are large enough to cover the firewood without cutting off airflow.

Is Storing Firewood a Fire Hazard?

Firewood storage itself is not a hazard, but storing it improperly could cause issues. Always make sure to keep your firewood outside your home, and make sure to store it away from your structure. Make sure the area is well ventilated and at minimum 10 feet away from the structure. Also make sure to keep the firewood away from children and pets.

Stacking firewood properly is also key to safe firewood storage. Stacking it too high can cause a hazard for children or pets if the wood falls. Following these simple tips can ensure your wood burns efficiently and your loved ones are safe.

How do you Get Your Firewood from the Rack to the Hearth?

When deciding on your firewood storage options, you can’t forget about adding convenience. Instead of lugging around wood with your hands and storing it haphazardly, here are some firewood storage accessories to consider:

  • Firewood cart: A firewood cart makes it easy for you to roll the wood from where you are storing it outdoors to your fireplace.
  • Log holder: Adding a log holder by your hearth not only adds a gorgeous focal point to your room, it also stores the logs properly before you need to use the wood to heat your home.
  • Carry bag: Whether you are cutting your wood and transferring it to your storage area, or perhaps you are taking some wood camping with you, a carry bag is a firewood storage option that will give you hands-free convenience on the go.