Build Your Own Temporary Commercial Storage Unit

Get durable and reliable commercial storage units in the size you need. ShelterLogic offers a wide selection of pre-engineered waterproof outdoor storage solutions, allowing you to configure your own commercial shed for storing salt, vehicles, equipment and much more.

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Why Choose a Pre-Engineered Building?

Our pre-engineered buildings and commercial storage units are made with top-of-the-line commercial grade materials including ultra-duty, flame resistant fabric covers, and USA certified galvanized steel. These buildings carry an extended warranty and are manufactured in the USA. As “temporary” buildings, these shelters are portable, making them functional and easy to move wherever your work takes you. Need it for your backyard? Anchor your building down with concrete slabs and give yourself a more permanent shelter structure. Waterproof, wind and snow rated, and built to last: no matter what your shelter needs may be, our commercial storage units and pre-engineered buildings are an excellent solution.

Customize Your Own Commercial Storage Building

When we set out to create a line of customizable commercial storage units, we focused on developing an affordable option that would be useful and flexible for our customers. At ShelterLogic, our commercial storage units—including weatherproof garage shelters and commercial shelters—give our clients the ability to choose a size and building shape that works for them. Regardless of the size option you pick, you can rest assured that your equipment is protected year-round with our UV treated, 100% waterproof, and wind and snow rated buildings.

Weatherproof Outdoor Storage: Wind and Snow Load Rated Commercial Storage

Winter storms are no match for our pre-engineered buildings. Our lines of commercial storage units have been designed and tested to withstand tough weather conditions. In fact, each commercial storage building that has been certified wind and snow load rated, has been tested to withstand wind and snow. Developed using quality materials, these pre-engineered weatherproof outdoor storage buildings are made to last season after season.

Uses for Our Pre-Engineered Buildings and Commercials Storage Units

The uses for our pre-engineered commercial storage units are virtually endless. From vehicle storage to agricultural shelters, our prefab buildings and commercial shelters are perfect for a variety of uses and industries. Our buildings are configurable, meaning you can choose the size that fits your needs. Whether you want one of our commercial sheds to store your RV or a small plane, it is possible to do. Need a place to store hay and animal feed? Our large heavy-duty tents will keep hay, equipment, tools and much more under protective cover. Working as an on-site contractor? Our commercial storage tents can be quickly and efficiently assembled and set up as temporary workstations to make contracting and on-site assignments and projects run more smoothly.

As Seen on Graveyard CARZ

Our SP Series Commercial Grade Storage Garage acts as a perfect car storage tent, as can be seen in this video. The fine folks at Graveyard CARZ are no strangers to storing cars and all types of vehicles. Our storage tents are the perfect option for large scale, commercial storage.