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Accessories for Your ShelterLogic and Arrow Storage Sheds

Adding a storage shed can truly transform your property by eliminating clutter and adding a pleasing focal point to your yard. Whether you use the storage structure to stow away vehicles, seasonal items, or even animal feed, there are storage shed accessories that will increase the versatility and functionality of your structure. Here are ideas for storage shed accessories that will not only elongate the life of your shed, but also make your life easier!

Floor Frames and Base Kits

One of the most important storage shed accessories to keep your structure in the best shape possible is a floor frame or base kit. Adding a floor frame or base kit not only provides increased strength, it also allows you to add any type of floor to the shed that you would like. The floor frames are created with hot-dipped galvanized steel, which stands up to Mother Nature and provides incredible durability.

Another benefit to these storage shed accessories is they allow you to begin constructing your shed with a square and level foundation. A level shed is a stable shed, and a base kit also allows you to create a floor that keeps a layer between your items and the ground. They are easy to install, and the base kits include all hardware needed.


Anchors are must-have fabric storage shed accessories that not only keep you safer, but will undoubtedly elongate the life of your structure. Anchors are important to keeping sheds in place, especially in the case of any strong storm. There are several different types of anchors you can purchase.

  • Earth anchors: These storage shed accessories will quickly anchor your structure if it sits on grass or unpacked soil. They are reusable and built for years of use with powder coated construction that resists corrosion.
  • Easy hook anchors: These anchors are ideal for securing your shed if it sits on grass, rocky soil, gravel, or asphalt. They are easy to drive, pull, and secure.
  • Ratchet Tite anchors: Ratchet Tite anchors are ideal for nearly any soil condition, and combines the versatility of easy hook anchors with that of ratchets for rock solid anchoring.

Shelving Kits

Storage shed accessories that maximize space and organization are shelving kits. You can add them to your structures easily and affordably. Whether you are storing cleaning items, tools, or even potting materials, your space will benefit by having an area where you can place belongings you need on a regular basis. These items stay off the ground and also give you extra space to store other items on the floor of the shed. These shelves are sturdy enough to hold a tool box, and one up to 85 lbs.

Roof Strengthening Kits

Roof strengthening kits are storage shed accessories that allow your roof to hold more weight. This is especially important if you live in an area of higher snowfall. The beams offer extra support in times of heavy snowfall. These are constructed with hot-dipped galvanized steel for incredible strength that is also resistant to corrosion and chipping.

Workbench Kit

These storage shed accessories are extremely versatile. A workbench kit can be installed at ground level on your structure to have a spot to keep your tools and other items you need while working. Alternatively, you can secure this workbench kit at roof level to have attic storage space at the top of your shed. No matter where you decide to add these storage shed accessories, it will increase the amount of space you have to stow away items.