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Why are Anchors Important?

Although sheds and canopies from ShelterLogic are constructed with high-quality materials to stand up to Mother Nature, it is always smart to add shed anchors or canopy anchors to your structures. Adding these tools not only provide increased safety for yourself and your loved ones, they will also elongate the life of your shed. Bad weather is always a possibility, and keeping your structure well-anchored is a great way to keep it looking fresh for years to come.

Which Structures Need Anchoring?

You may think anchors are only important for fabric structures like pop-up canopies, canopy tents, party tents, or portable sheds. In fact, metal sheds can greatly benefit from shed anchors as well. Shed anchors and canopy anchors provide increased stability and protection in cases of rougher weather. Be sure to choose the right type of anchor for your structure based on the type of foundation you are placing your structure on.

What Anchors Do I Need for My Structure?

One size does not fit all when it comes to shed anchors and canopy anchors. You’ll need to carefully choose the type of anchor that best fits your structure and needs. It depends on the type of building you have as well as the type of ground you are installing your shed or canopy. Some anchors are better used on concrete, while others might be better for sand or soil. Below are the types of anchors you can use based on the foundation.


These types of shed anchors should be used to embed in concrete, or to be used in sand or packed soil. These are made with heavy-duty powder-coated steel for ultimate strength. The anchor’s innovative corkscrew design will make installation simple.


These anchors should be utilized for structures installed on clay, gravel, sand, soil, or asphalt. They are constructed with solid steel and come with four cable clamps. These make driving, pulling, and securing a snap.

Ratchet Tite Anchors

These canopy anchors include four Easy Hook cast steel anchors and a drive rod. This can be used for clay, gravel, sand, soil, or asphalt foundations. These are versatile and easy to use for lightning-fast installation.

Anchor Bags

Anchor bags can be used as temporary canopy anchors. These can be placed on hard or soft surfaces while you are on the go. Made of durable polyester fabric, you simply need to fill the bags with 30 lbs. of filler like sand or gravel for increased stability for your fabric structures. The dual cylinder design wraps around each canopy leg, fitting both straight and slanted leg canopy frames. Use these canopy anchors season after season for simple anchoring for any outdoor adventure.

Anchor Plates

These pop-up weight plates can be used as fabric canopy anchors for quick stability anywhere like the beach or camping. These four weights can be used on almost any surface to hold down canopy legs for increased safety. The 5 lb. weights are constructed with cement and have a smooth black polyester coating.