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What is a Floor Frame Kit?

While Arrow sheds are constructed with extreme strength and best-in-class materials, the best sheds should also have a solid foundation to keep them in great shape. A floor frame kit is a simple way to add a floor to your shed to separate your belongings from the dirt. While many people might choose to pour a concrete slab to act as the floor for their shed, a shed floor kit makes it simple enough for a DIYer to add any type of flooring they want to an outdoor shed.

There are a variety of different benefits to having a solid base and floor for your shed. But a shed floor kit makes adding the floor and constructing your shed a simpler process. Created with galvanized steel frame, this floor kit resists corrosion while you rest assured that your structure is rock-solid and will last for years to come.

Why do I Need a Floor Frame Kit for my Metal Shed?

While it is certainly not required to have a shed floor frame kit when constructing your structure, it will make the process easier and provide a sounder foundation. This effectively takes out the guess work about whether you are creating the right size base, or producing an even foundation. Whether placing your shed on gravel or bare earth, you should always make sure you have a strong floor that is even. Here are benefits to having a floor frame kit.

  • Level foundation: It may sound easy to create a level foundation on your own, but it can certainly be tricky to do it yourself. A shed floor kit makes it simpler to square up your shed so the foundation isn’t misshapen or uneven. It will be perfectly laid using the metal framing.
  • Simpler floor addition: You can choose the type of floor you want by placing it within the frame boundaries for a simple and even base. From concrete to gravel to playwood, utilize whatever floor you would like. Avoid using pressure treated plywood as it will cause accelerated corrosion.
  • Reduce moisture: This floor frame kit allows space for a moisture barrier while also elevating your items from the ground. This base also allows for better drainage while combating moisture can cause damage to your stored items quickly. Because moisture leads to mold, you want to avoid it at all costs. Mold can wreak havoc on not only your belongings inside, but also the structure itself.

Do I Need a Floor Frame Kit if I’m Anchoring My Shed to a Solid Base?

You do not need a floor frame kit if you are anchoring your shed, however, it will make for a seamless assembly ensuring the base is squared. It also provides the moisture barrier for overall increased protection for the items you are storing. There is no harm to utilizing both to ensure the strongest structure possible.

If you decide on both the floor kit and anchoring, make sure to choose the best anchor for your foundation and needs.