Roof Strengthening Kits

What is a Roof Strengthening Kit?

When purchasing a shed from ShelterLogic, you are investing in a high-quality and ultra-durable structure to protect your belongings from the elements. While our shelters are built to last and stand up against Mother Nature, there are times when it may be ideal to add a little extra strength to your structure’s roof.

A roof strengthening kit is a tool you can add to your roof to increase the amount of weight your roof can hold. It adds additional roof beams and gable braces to your existing structure. Made of strong HDG steel, it also staves off rust and corrosion. These should be added in areas where you expect heavy snowfall and tough winter weather. While snow and debris should always be cleared from the roof of your structure, this allows for increased durability as well as peace of mind. Permanent sheds can be a hefty investment, and this is an affordable way to keep it working properly for years to come, even in winter climates.

Why Do I Need a Roof Strengthening Kit?

When preparing for winter, many people will begin by winterizing items they own like their cars, their homes, and even outdoor furniture. Your storage solution should be no different as it is an investment in itself. If you live in a northern climate and expect snowfall and ice each year, a roof strengthening kit is a surefire way to add extra protection for not only your shed, but the items you are storing inside. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on a structure, especially if too much snow is allowed to accumulate on the roof. However, heavy snow can happen without any warning.

When adding this roof strengthening kit to your existing structure, the extra beams can increase the strength of the roof by 50%. Heavy snow can come at a moment’s notice, and these beams will protect against the dangers of heavy snow and ice accumulation. The roof strengthening kit includes 6 telescoping beams, 8 gable braces, and all the hardware required for installation. When purchasing a roof strengthening kit for your Arrow shed, make sure to buy the right size for your structure.