From Box to Building in 30 Minutes

    Cut down on assembly with the AccelaFrame HD Shelter

    It used to be that assembling a shelter could take several hours and require a crew of well-intentioned buddies; not anymore. The new and revolutionary AccelaFrame™ shelter is simple and quick to assemble and twice as strong as other shelters on the market.

    Easy setup with revolutionary joints

    Easy Setup
    with Revolutionary Joints

    Fast assembly with folding frame

    Fast Assembly
    with Folding Frame

    Sturdy frame with pre-assembled frame sections

    Sturdy Frame
    with Pre-Assembled Frame Sections

    Features & Benefits

    Assembled in Minutes

    Instead of the long hours it used to take to put together a shelter

    Easier Assembly

    Fewer steps and parts equal a simpler DIY job

    2X Stronger

    Engineered 2X stronger for all-season durability, compared to other ShelterLogic shelters

    Fewer Loose Parts

    Means less time figuring out where they all go

    Compact Storage

    Folding ribs allow for easier, more compact storage

    Better Customer Experience

    Less frustration during assembly means a better customer experience

    How to Assemble the New AccelaFrame™ Shelter

    1. Unfold Ribs


    The pre-assembled ribs simply unfold and lock with an easy press of a lever. The revolutionary design of the AccelaFrame™ system allows quicker assembly and disassembly, while retaining an overall stronger building.

    2. Build Frame

    2. Build Frame

    Each rib is attached by inserting cross rails with a simple push pin, no tools required. In minutes, the entire frame is assembled and ready for the cover and end panels.

    3. Install Cover

    3. Install Cover

    The shelter is anchored to the ground. The cover is pulled over the frame and attached to the cover rails. Ratchets and sliding cover rails are used to tighten the cover.

    Explore the technology behind the AccelaFrame System

    Heavy Duty Pivot Joint

    Innovative AccelaFrame™ Rib System

    Engineered for quicker, easier assembly and disassembly, stronger frame, and easier storage. Cuts build time from hours to minutes.

    Ratchet-Tite Tensioning

    Ratchet-Tite™ Tensioning

    Ensures a tight cover and door panel connection to shelter frame. Quality ratchet and web strap components keep cover tight and neat looking.

    Easy-Slide Cross Rail

    Easy Slide™ Cross Rail

    Best-in-class feature for continuous cover tightening. Locks down and squares up frame.

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