Get An Upgrade in Shade -Arrow Carports

    Tough weather is no match for the Arrow Carport. With its strong industrial steel frame, galvanized steel roof, and heavy-duty wind and snow rating, we’ve built a carport that thrives in rain or shine.

    Arrow Carport

    Strong Steel Frame

    Features an industrial grade steel frame built to resist chipping and corrosion.

    Steel Roof

    Robust Roof for Maximum Shade Protection

    Reliable shade and shelter with a sturdy 29 gauge galvanized steel roof.

    Arrow Carport

    Rough Weather? No Problem

    With a 35 PSF snow load and 100 MPH wind speed rating, the Arrow Carport thrives even in rough weather conditions.

    Slip-fit Frame

    Slip-Fit Assembly

    The Arrow Carport features self-drilling screws and an innovative slip-fit frame connection for easier assembly.

    Multi-use Shelter and Carport

    The Arrow Carport is a stronger, more durable multi-use shade solution. Perfect for shading picnic areas, vehicles, boats, and much more. With so many applications, it is one of our most versatile shade and shelter products.

    Arrow Carport


    12 x 20 x 7 ft.

    All-Weather. Multi-Use Shelter.

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