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  1. Tips for Securing Your Pop-Up Canopy

    Tips for Securing Your Pop-Up Canopy

    Whether you plan to use your pop-up canopy at the beach, farmer’s market, or in your backyard, it’s important to ensure a sturdy and secure shade solution. Pop-ups are often made with very lightweight materials. While this provides hassle-free mobility and portability, it makes it a little easier for your canopy to fly away on a windy day. Secure your pop up so no matter where you put it, it’s there to stay until you decide other...

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  2. Get Festive with these 4th of July Party Essentials

    Get Festive with these 4th of July Party Essentials

    It’s almost the time for apple pie, backyard grilling, and fireworks of course in order to honor summer’s biggest celebration. That’s right – we’re talking about the 4th of July! You’re probably already stocked up on burgers, lemonade, and sparklers, but did you remember to include shade, shelter, and comfortable seating for you and guests? Your Independence Day party is sure to go off without a hitch with these fun and festive 4th of July canopies, chairs, and much more!

    Why do...

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  3. Deck and Patio Essentials to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

    Deck and Patio Essentials to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

    Now that the warm weather’s here to stay for awhile, you probably want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. But when your backyard aesthetic is less than enjoyable, it can be easy to resort to the couch. This year, create an outdoor oasis you’ll want to escape to by easily incorporating a few added essentials. Give your backyard an upgrade with these must-have deck and patio products for an organized, comfortable, and attractive outdoor space.

     Deck and Pati...

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  4. Father's Day Gift Ideas Just in Time for Summer

    Father's Day Gift Ideas Just in Time for Summer

    How many times have you resorted to giving ties or cologne as a Father’s Day gift? This year, skip the typical last-minute gifts and get dad useful outdoor items just in time for summer. Help him organize his tools, protect his car, or enjoy shade next time he attends a sports game with a few products he’ll truly appreciate this season. Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide to find the ultimate present for the man who does it all!

    Tool Sheds and Storage Solutions for Father’s Day...

    Want to help da
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  5. Skin Cancer Prevention - The Benefits of Reliable Shade

    Skin Cancer Prevention - The Benefits of Reliable Shade

    As soon as the warmer weather hits, most people can’t wait to soak up the summer sun. However, significant sun exposure can often lead to premature skin aging, wrinkles, cataracts, and life-threatening skin cancer. Skin cancer is considered the most common type of cancer, and millions fall victim to this disease every year.  In fact, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. (Source: Skin Ca...

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  6. Backyard Memorial Day BBQ Essentials

    Backyard Memorial Day BBQ Essentials

    It’s almost time to fire up the grill, open the pool, and celebrate the upcoming holiday with a Memorial Day BBQ!  While decorations and party food may be your top concerns, a few shade solutions and cozy seating are essential for keeping guests cool and comfortable on the big day. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! Kick off the summer season the right way with these must-have shade and outdoor seating options that are perfect for Memorial Day.

    Memorial Day BBQ Pop-Up Canopies...

    Pop-up canopies prov
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  7. Event Canopy Accessories to Enhance Your Shade Solution

    Event Canopy Accessories to Enhance Your Shade Solution

    An event canopy provides essential shade for outdoor weddings, company picnics, and other al fresco dining occasions and events. This summer, enhance your shade solution with a few canopy accessories for your ShelterLogic event canopy! Check out these must-have accessories that increase shade coverage, secure your canopy, and more.

    Event Canopy Accessories for...

    Added Privacy

    event canopy Party Tent Enclosure with Windows: Add ultimate privacy and wind protection at your next outdoor event with this enclosure kit for your party tent. Use one or all six individual clear PVC windows and two double zipper doors for multiple entry options. 100% waterproof, UV-treated, and heavy-duty fire-rated PVC fabric - this classy enclosure comes in multiple colors to fashionably and effectively shelter all your guests. Available in both 10 x 20 ft. and 20 x 20 ft. options. *This enclosure kit fits our and 10 x 20 ft. and 20 x 20 ft. party tents.*

    More Shade for Canopy Owners

    event canopy Extension and Sidewall Kit: The ShelterLogic Canopy Extension Kit serves a dual purpose to offer shade and privacy! Quickly add 280 square feet of shade coverage or include a single or double wall windbreak to your canopy in minutes. This canopy extension kit comes ready to install out of the box and fits any 20 ft. long canopy. Select the 2-in-1 Canopy with extension kit to get everything you need in one shot.

    Securing Your Canopy

    event canopy Anchors are essential for securing your event canopy no matter where you are. Here are a few to choose from:
    • ShelterAuger Earth Anchor Kit:
      • Constructed of heavy-duty powder-coated steel.
      • Reusable – quickly installs by screwing into the ground and easily unscrew to remove.
      • Works for anchoring shelters, canopies, and instant garages.
    • ...
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  8. 5 Ways to Use Your Shade Canopy

    5 Ways to Use Your Shade Canopy
    Shade canopies provide instant shade and comfort for wherever you need it. With easy assembly, lightweight portability, and effective UV protection, how many ways can you use your shade canopy? We’ve got 5 ideas for how you can maximize shade and get comfort when you need it most.

    5 Ways to Use Your Shade Canopy

    Shade Canopy

    1. Party Shade...

    Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or a company lawn party, an instant shade solution prepares you for anything. Beaming sun or unexpected precipitation can quickly rain on your parade (literally), making guests uncomfortable and eager to leave. With a shade canopy, you can be sure guests stay comfortable throughout your entire event. Instead, utilize a shade canopy for cooler seating areas, keeping food out of the sun,
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  9. Holiday Gift Guide: Get the Perfect Shade, Shelter and Storage Items for the Holidays

    Holiday Gift Guide: Get the Perfect Shade, Shelter and Storage Items for the Holidays

    ShelterLogic and Arrow's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

    Drawing a blank when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday gift for outdoor lovers in your family? At ShelterLogic Corp. we manufacture practical and affordable shade, shelter and storage solutions for the whole family. To give you an inside look at our diverse product lines, we’ve created a holiday gift guide for the 2017 holiday season! To help you sort through our variety of unique products, we’ve broken our holiday gift guide down by areas of interest.

    Holiday Gift Guide for Gardening Enthusiasts

    Need to find the perfect gift for green thumbs in your family? Whether they're a hobbyist or near professional, we’ve got the perfect gift for your gardening enthusiast this holiday season.

    Seasonal Protection to Start Growing Earlier

    GrowIT Backyard Greenhouse for $149.99

    Greenhouse kits are the perfect backyard set-up for beginner gardeners and experts. Even in colder regions, greenhouses provide a well-regulated environment for growing plants as early as March and keeping them healthy with more sunlight exposure during the day. With convenient, integrated shelving there’s more available room to grow a variety of plants and a metal grid for proper drainage.

    Economical Storage for the Garden

    Designer Series Metro 4 x 6ft. Shed for $499.99 

    What’s a garden without a shed to stash all of your supplies? The Designer Series Metro Shed offers a mid-size footprint and is ideal for smaller spaces and patios. With its increased headroom and vertical storage space, you’ll be able to add any tool hanging rack or shelving unit to take advantage of its compact design. This seasonal storage shed also has a built-in base and floor, and lockable features, to keep your items dry and safe.

    Compact Gardening for Small Spaces

    Spacemaker Raised Bed Garden 4ft. x 4ft. for $99.99 

    A Raised Bed is a great space-saving alternative to traditional backyard gardening. Ideal for vegetables, fruits, and flowers, this compact structure helps achieve better drainage and easier soil amendments. While its steel exterior provides durability and strength, it’s size is great for small spaces, yards, decks, and patios.

    Turn Your Raised Bed Into a Mini Greenhouse

    GrowIT Round Raised Bed Greenhouse for $59.99

    By attaching the GrowIT Backyard Greenhouse to your raised bed frame, you’ll be able to start your seedlings early or extend your growing season simply and affordably. With its convenient roll-up cover, our Raised Bed Greenhouse provides airflow and allows for temperature control to grow your plants more efficiently and keep them protected even against frost. This raised bed attachment is also available in a peak style.

    Holiday Gift Guide for Homeowners

    When you purchase a home it becomes an extension of who you are, so why not make the outside as personable as the inside? For those in your life looking to enhance the exterior aesthetics of their home, give the gift of personalization, organization, and more with these useful and attractive outdoor items.

    An Attached Patio for Curb Appeal

    Arrow’s Attached Patio Cover / Carport for $1,199.99

    Attached Patios are an easy and affordable way to update the look of your home’s exterior. In fact, they serve multiple purposes. Aside from providing reliable shade for vehicles or equipment, you'll also have shelter for outdoor patio furniture or extra storage space. Made of durable galvanized steel, this attached patio is a strong structure that will last.

    Convenient and Attractive Garbage, Deck and Patio Storage

    Versa-Shed Steel Storage 6 x 3ft. for $399.99 

    Keep eyesores out of sight and tucked away with the Versa-Shed! The Versa-Shed Steel Storage offers convenient additional storage space for your garden tools, bikes, garbage cans and much more. Its swinging doors make accessing large or bulky items easy, and the lock feature keeps your items safely stored. Its self-balancing lid prevents moisture accumulation on the roof of the structure, keeping stored items protected and dry. With its attractive design and sturdy build, the Versa-Shed is a reliable storage solution for your deck and patio and will look great year after year.

    Versatile Storage that Compliments Any Outdoor Space

    Spacemaker Deck Box in Espresso for $169.99 Deck boxes help maintain a clutter-free backyard, deck, or patio. With built-in corrugated floors and water-resistant casing, all of your toys, sports equipment, lawn tools and much more can be kept dry and secure. Place it by the poolside, the deck or resting on the side of the house for protection during any season.

    Extra Storage in Less Space

    Yardsaver 4ft. x 10ft. Steel Storage Shed for $419.99 

    For those with smaller yards, attractive and reliable storage space is hard to come by. With a lean-to shed, its compact design offers more storage options without taking up a significant amount of room. Its appealing horizontal siding will complement any home exterior.

    Stylish Patio Cover

    Shade Sail- 16 x 16ft. for $79.99

    Shade Sails are portable patio covers that provide reliable shade and UV protection from the sun. When attached to a sturdy connection point such as the house, building, or posts, you’ll be able to shade any area with a stylish accent. These innovative patio covers come in two different shapes, square and triangle, to help blend with any outdoor living space. Not sure if the Shade Sail is right for you? See all Shade Sails and Shade Cloth in various shapes and sizes.

    Efficiently Store and Protect Firewood

    ShelterLogic’s  Heavy Duty Firewood Rack with Cover 8ft. for $69.99 

    Without the proper storage, firewood is more prone to insects, mold growth and rotting. Firewood racks greatly improve the quality of firewood, keeping it off the ground and allowing for ventilation. Instead of an unappealing pile, its sleek design fits with any décor and keeps firewood properly protected and seasoned year-round.

    Holiday Gift Guide for Horse Lovers...

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  10. ShelterLogic Corp. Announces Acquisition of Bravo Outdoor Brands

    ShelterLogic Corp. Announces Acquisition of Bravo Outdoor Brands

    ShelterLogic, Corp. Announces Acquisition of Bravo Outdoor Brands – QuikShade, MotoShade, ShadeTech, QuikChair, Solo, and GO

    ShelterLogic Corp. announces their acquisition of several product brands from Bravo Sports Corp. including QuikShadeMotoShade, ShadeTech, QuikChair, Solo, and GO further diversifying their range of outdoor shade products and significantly increasing their product portfolio.

    In recent years the QuikShade line of products has made tremendous strides in the pop-up canopy category, keeping a focus on innovation by developing products that are easier to assemble, more portable, and create an overall better customer experience.

    We plan to quickly integrate the full assortment of QuikShade products into our distribution network of 5 warehouses in North America. The new products will be made available with our distribution partners in Europe and South America. The QuikShade family of products are a strategic complement alongside our current portfolio of products.
    James Raymond, CEO
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