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RIO is known throughout the outdoor leisure sector as being ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new and exciting fashion-forward products. With each new season comes newly redesigned innovations, exciting new features and updated styles and designs based on consumer research and market trends.

As a result, RIO is considered the industry leader in beach gear, delivering innovative products and entirely new fashion inspired patterns and designs each year.


What keeps RIO ahead of the curve in outdoor leisure?

Going to the beach is about more than just bringing along that worn out folding chair and umbrella: customers want their beach and camping accessories to reflect their personal style and improve their leisure experience.

Unique designs, runway inspired patterns and innovations are what keeps RIO ahead of the curve. And it all begins with research.


We Know the Customer

Before developing a new design, RIO invests in focus groups and surveys among both retailers and consumers to identify up-and-coming trends, patterns and innovations that customers want to buy.


Quality Control


We don’t just focus on designing a great product, we take the manufacturing process into account, too. To ensure quality, we’ve centralized fabric printing to a single source, employing highly trained color engineers who use the latest equipment to monitor color on a consistent basis. The result is a well-made product.


Double Sided Printing


We understand our pattern designs are a huge draw for customers, which is why we often print double sided and use fade resistant materials to ensure the most vibrant, bold, electric colors every time.

Current Innovation + Safety Trends

We understand our pattern designs are a huge draw for customers, which is why we often print double sided and use fade resistant materials to ensure the most vibrant, bold, electric colors every time.

Motion Innovations

Whether rocking, swiveling or swinging we find comfort in movement. Enjoy improved and ultra-relaxed seating with designs meant to truly relax you.

Compact and Portable

We’ve re-designed the Wonder Wheeler to be more compact and functional than ever before.

Multi-Task with the Removable Backpack Chair

We’ve re-designed the backpack chair to feature an all-new removable cooler / backpack pouch. Now you can grab snacks at the stand without losing your beach spot!

Sun Protection in 2020

We’ve expanded our available shade products to include an easy to use pop-up shelter and a stylish umbrella cabana. Both new products feature our Total Sun Block, providing up to 99.7% UVA and UVB protection.

Comfortable Seating, Re-Designed

For customers who skew older, we’ve developed seating that’s higher off the ground for added comfort and improved accessibility.

Current Fashion Trends

Current Color Trends

Bright, bold and colorful: RIO 2020 color trends feature an extended range of blues and greens, and an evolved selection of oranges and pinks.


Multi-Color Madness

Bold, over-the-top color combinations are what’s in for 2020, juxtaposed with black and white create a truly eye-popping color combination.

Sunny Citrus

Cheerful, playful and fun lemon yellow and lime green add sunshine to the 2020 line.

Lush Lagoon

Our classic blue/green palette is invigorated with a dash of vibrant yellow.

Into the Blue

We’ve expanded blue palette to include more cool tones across the spectrum from lighter hues to darker tones.

Current Trending Icons and Motifs

Exciting and vibrant new patterns are also trending this season and run the gamut of what’s fashionable.

Surf Power

Classical design elements meet a contemporary twist with surf inspired iconography.

Tropcial Fusion

Island flowers and brightly colored fish inspire these mostly gender neutral designs.

Global Essence

Old-world classic inspired motifs are redesigned to match current trends. New take on classic paisley, batik and banana palm designs.

Graphic Traffic

Pop art inspires this season, with pop art inspired beach icons, digitized elements and lots of dots.

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