Meet the Re-Designed Backpack Chair with Removable Backpack

You've Seen the Backpack Chair, But Have You Met Ours?

Meet the all-new, re-designed Backpack Chair from RIO, now with removable backpack.

Featuring the functionality, quality and comfort you've grown to expect from RIO backpack chairs, now with some exciting new features.

Take Your Bag, Leave Your Chair: Saving Your Spot on the Beach Has Never Been Easier

We've taken the functionality and easy portability of the backpack chair design and made it more efficient.

It's not just a chair: the newly re-designed backpack chair utilizes the backpack feature to make transporting the chair easy thanks to its comfortable, ergonomic straps. Use the backpack feature independently by detaching the backpack and transport essential items like water bottles, towels, sunscreen and much more.

The New RIO Backpack Chair: Portable Seating, Re-Designed

We've added additional features to make comfort more accessible and your next trip to the beach more enjoyable. From cooler bags and expandable cup holder compartments, to a comfortable removable backpack feature. Innovation and stylish design has arrived with the re-designed, Removable Backpack Chair from RIO.

Removable Backpack Option

Easily detach the backpack from the chair to carry it with you and leave your chair behind.

Comfortable Backpack Straps

Features a unique U-shape design making the straps more ergonomic and easier to slip on and off.

Combined Backpack and Cooler

Features dual pouches; one foam lined, water resistant cooler pouch and a separate carry compartment for personal items.

Comfortable, Multi-Position Chair

Take a seat and recline in comfort. Some styles can recline up to 4 positions.

Expandable Cup Holder

The unique expandable cup holder fits over-sized bottles. Available for select styles.

Safe Adjust Seat Reclining Technology

The Safe Adjust feature reduces pinching when you recline in your chair.

Our Re-Designed Backpack Chairs