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Cool Summer Products for Hot Memorial Day Fun

Is your summer gear in shape for Memorial Day weekend? Shop here for new backyard, beach, and camping essentials.

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Kick Off a Hot Memorial Day with Cool Summer Products

Memorial Day Weekend is the official kick-off of the summer season. Get it started with the summer products you’ll need to make it a weekend to remember. If you’re looking to throw a Memorial Day party, hit the beach, go camping, or just enjoy the comfort of your backyard, we’ve got the summer must-haves to get your summer off to an awesome start.

Backyard Essentials for a Summer Full of Fun

Are you planning to host a Memorial Day party? Before you buy up the burgers, brats, and beer, take the time to make sure your backyard is up for the task.

If you own a pop-up canopy or a party tent, take it out of storage and give it an inspection. Are all the parts working? Is there a hole in the canopy? Even if it is functional and presentable, now is the time to invest in a new one.

Pop-up canopies come in a variety of bright, sunshiny colors: some even came patriotic-themed tops that are perfect for the occasion. They are excellent for keeping guests cool and protected from the sun’s harmful rays on a hot summer day. Party tents may appear to be costly, but they are a cost-effective investment with plenty of return. Owning a party tent means you’ll have it beyond the backyard barbecue. Your party tent can be used for picnics and events all year long.

Is your deck or patio ready to take on a Memorial Day party? Think about replacing your old, worn our chairs with colorful and sturdy Adirondack chairs. Get yourself a new cooler: we suggest a metal rolling cooler that will hold a lot of ice and drinks. A small bar would also add a functional aesthetic which complete your summertime party theme.

Summer Must-Haves for the Ultimate Beach Outing

The beach will certainly be crowded Memorial Day weekend, and you won’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. If you’re hitting the beach with worn out, faded beach chairs, pop-up canopies, beach umbrellas, and coolers, then you’re going to have a sad time.

It’s time to buy your family sturdy new beach chairs for your Memorial Day weekend adventure. You can mix and match chair styles based on your family’s preferences. Mom might prefer a beach chair with a low seat so she can stretch her legs and dips her toes in the surf. Dad may want one with a high back to give him the extra support he needs after a long drive to the shore. The kids may be vulnerable to sunburn: keep them protected from harmful UV rays with a canopy beach chair.

Keep the whole family shaded at the beach with a durable, portable pop-up canopy or beach umbrella. They are great for keeping the whole family safe from the sun and take just a few minutes to assemble and take down. Your beach adventure would not be complete without a rolling cooler. Whether you choose a hard-sided or soft-sided style, our stylish, durable coolers will keep your drinks, sandwiches, salads, and snacks cold all day long.

Camping Necessities to Make Your Trip Complete

Whether you’re hitting the open road in an RV or driving the family car to the campground, we have the portable camping accessories to make your Memorial Day trip memorable. A strong, sturdy pop-up canopy is a must-have accessory for camping trips. You can set it up in an open field, at the fishing spot, or at your campsite to protect you from the sun, weather, and anything else that may fall from the sky.

Don’t forget the chairs: our camping chairs are so comfy that you may not want to get up to explore the wilderness. Some models come with a tray table built in, and others have an ottoman included so you can raise your legs and relax after a long day of exploring. When it’s time to go to bed, you won’t want to lay on the hard, rocky ground. Get yourself one of our durable portable cots.

Be sure to keep your food and drink cold and fresh with a rugged, durable cooler. You can get a rolling cooler to make transporting food and drinks easier, or a hard-sided non-rolling one that you can keep safely secured in the trunk of a car. Our coolers retain ice very well. Depending on the weather, you can go an entire weekend without the need to add more ice.