Shade Sail Patio Covers: Does Your Patio Need an Upgrade?

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Shade Sails and Cloths: Creative Patio Covers for Your Pool and Patio

If you’re planning to spend a few more hours of your week relaxing by the pool, garden or patio, you’ll want to be sure your outdoor living space is comfortable, attractive and a great place to be – all at an affordable price!

One great way to add some flair and versatility to your outdoor living space is by installing attractive and affordable shade sails or to add a shade cloth to your pergola.

Shade Sails: Affordable and Stylish Patio Covers


Shade sails come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and colors and can be attached to walls, poles and even trees. They are easy to install and they make perfect patio covers. Functional and attractive, sun shades are perfect for any pool, patio, or garden and are available in a triangle shade sail or a square shade sail.

Starting at $29.99 for a 12×12 canopy, triangle shade sails and square shade sails come in several colors. They offer sun protection and come equipped with hardware for easy setup.

Great for play areas

25670_03Triangle shade sails are perfect for outdoor and garden play areas that require appropriate shade from the sun and heat. They provide UV protection from the sun, and shade from the summer heat.

Perfect Patio Sun Shades

Our 16×16 canopy provides a shady spot for your outdoor patio and adds a perfect finishing touch to your outdoor living space.

Shade That Corner Spot

Triangle shade sails are perfect sun shades for corner areas and corner patios. They make a perfect functional accent to any outdoor corner area. Shade Sails have a variety of different uses, and unlike traditional canopies you’ll never have to worry about moving them from one location to another. Click the button below to view our entire selection of square and triangle Shade Sails.

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Add an Attractive Shade Cloth to Your Pergola

Shade Cloths are extremely versatile; they can be used as great looking patio covers for your pergola, or even as a privacy screen to shelter your building or structure. You can click on the button below to view our selection of Shade Cloth products.

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See our entire selection of Shade Cloth and Shade Sail products.

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  • My sister is looking for ways to make her yard more comfortable and enjoyable. After learning about shade sails, I think they might be a good option for her. It is good to know that these shades provide a shady spot for your outdoor patio and add a perfect finishing touch to your yard.

  • I’d love to have a shade sail to cover my pool just exactly how it is shown in the picture. I have been thinking of a tent big enough to cover the whole area of my pool but looking at this photo, I think that this is a much better suggestion. Thanks

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