ShelterLogic Frequently Asked Questions

  • There seems to be pin holes in my cover when the light shines in.
  • I opened my cover and there are 3 slits in it.
  • The end panels don’t fit.
  • The end panels are flapping in the wind.
  • Can I order a custom sized shelter?
Installation questions
  • Do you offer installation?
  • I am missing parts.
  • How do I anchor my shelter?
Reorder information:
  • How do I find the reorder part number for my cover kit?
  • How do I order a new cover?
Maintenance questions:
  • How do I clean the cover?
  • How do I fix a hole or tear in the cover?
  • How do I remove snow from the cover?
  • How do I prevent condensation?
  • How do I get a zipper unstuck?
Warranty and product registration:
  • What is the warranty?
  • What is not covered by the warranty?
Miscellaneous questions:
  • Can I use a heater under a canopy?
  • Can I use a heater in a garage?
  • Can I use a heater in a fabric shelter?
  • Can I use a heater in a shed?
  • Is my cover fire rated?
  • How long do ShelterLogic covers last?
  • How much is a ShelterLogic replacement cover?
  • What is the best Garage-in-a-Box?
  • Where is ShelterLogic located?
  • How do you reinforce a ShelterLogic Garage?
  • How do I find my ShelterLogic model number?