Finance Your ShelterTech Building with Bread

    We understand that purchasing your ShelterTech building is an investment, and can be costly. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bread to make it easy to purchase your building and pay for it over time.

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    Why Choose to Finance through Bread?

    Easily Pay Over Time

    Extend your payments through Bread’s financing platform where low monthly payment options are available.

    Simple Application Process

    Simply click the “Pay As Low As” link on the product you wish to purchase and fill out Bread’s “Pay Over Time” pop-up.

    Get a Decision in Seconds

    Respond with basic information about yourself and find out in seconds whether you’re eligible for financing through Bread.

    Safe and Secure Payment Process

    Bread uses technology that ensures your application and payments remain secure and encrypted, for a worry-free payment process.

    I’ve submitted my application, now what?

    Once you’ve submitted your Bread application, and if you agree to the financing terms, you’ll be able to check out and complete your purchase right from Bread’s application window.

    Once you’ve submitted your order, look for an order confirmation from us. Bread will reach out to you directly to coordinate your payment plan with them. When it’s time to ship, we’ll send you your shipping confirmation.

    What if my application for financing is rejected?

    While ShelterLogic offers Bread financing as a service by partnering with Bread, we have no say or control over who is approved for Bread financing. When you check out with Bread, you are taking out a loan from its partner bank, Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

    If you have questions and wish to contact Bread directly, you can contact them by email at or by calling them at 844-992-7323.


    Need more information about Bread financing?

    Have additional questions about how Bread financing works? You can find more information about Bread on their website or by going to Bread’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Want to speak to a representative?

    Reach out to them directly at or call 1-844-992-7323.