Equipment + Vehicle Storage

    Year-Round Vehicle and Equipment Protection Built to Last

    Your equipment and vehicles are an expensive investment, why not protect them? ShelterTech offers custom building options that will keep vehicles protected from the elements all year long. The wind and snow rated buildings will keep your car, truck, RV or boat safe season after season. Is ShelterTech right for you?

    SP Series Shelters

    Protect Your Vehicle Against:
    • UV damage to vehicles like fading, chipping, and corrosion
    • Wind and snow*
    • Pests
    Perfect for:
    • Car Storage
    • RV Storage
    • ATV Storage
    • Tractor Storage
    • Tool Storage
    • Boat Storage
    • Truck Storage
    • Classic Car Storage
    • Machinery Storage

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    Featured Case Study

    Using ShelterTech to Support U.S. Military Training Initiatives

    For Retired Air Force Officer Mike Holmes’ company, PDACT (Professional Development and Comprehensive Training), finding a building that was durable and could take on damage was not easy – until he found our ShelterTech single-pipe, custom commercial buildings.

    Mr. Holmes and his company serve the U.S. Department of Defense by creating target arenas for soldiers and personnel to run simulations, trainings and tests. These simulations often require ammunition and weapons testing on target objects.

    So, when he informed us of his need for a building that could take a hit – he wasn’t kidding.

    Where does ShelterTech come in?
    “The buildings are often used as target areas in our simulations…[they represent] either military facilities, hospitals or other important buildings…”

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    • First, they’re easy to put up – so the time saving of erecting buildings was a big factor. Cost was another factor – we could have done it with wood and plywood, but it just wasn’t as cost effective as using ShelterTech.

      Mike, New York

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