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Camping Tables
Camping Tables

Need a portable table for camping, tailgates, or a backyard BBQ? RIO aluminum camping tables are perfect for cooking, serving food, and more.

Versatile Tables Wherever You Need to Use Them

Versatile Tables Wherever You Need to Use Them

Compact and lightweight, aluminum camping tables are perfect for cooking, serving food, and more.

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A durable folding table is a must-have accessory to make sure your day goes off without a hitch. Until you’re in the middle of the woods, it’s tough to realize just how important a camping table is to almost every aspect of your trip. They are durable, lightweight, and incredibly affordable. Use camping tables from Camp & Go at the campsite, tailgate, backyard barbecue, and anywhere else where you need an extra table.

What is a Camping Table?

A camping table is a surface you can utilize while taking part in camping activities. From cooking and eating to playing cards, there are a number of ways to use this must-have camping accessory. A camping table should be light enough to transport to your destination while also providing a strong place to keep your items without worrying about it collapsing.

There are a number of sizes and models when it comes to finding the folding table that fits best for your needs. The best camping table is one that fits your budget and lifestyle. Don’t forget, when you’re done with the campground, a camping table can be used for just about any outdoor occasion.

What are the Features of a Camping Table?

Camping tables are certainly not one size fits all. You can choose from different sizes, weight capacities, and colors. There are a number of features to think about before deciding on the best camping table for your next great adventure.

Heavy Weight Capacity

When you are on a trip with a large number of people, or simply know you will need a folding camping table with a large weight capacity, Camp & Go offers a model that holds up to 400 lb. This means you can rest assured that your entire meal along with camping gear and anything else you need will safely be stored on the camping table.

The best part is, you can also enjoy its portability along with the ability to roll up and easily transport. It is one of the strongest and best camping tables on the market today all for a budget-friendly price.

Extruded Aluminum Slats

When you think of the best camping table options, you might not think of extruded aluminum slats as holding much importance. However, this is a must-have feature if you plan on cooking on the table top. Created with heat-dissipating aluminum, this feature means you won’t have to worry about your table being damaged due to the heat.

The same table also offers a telescoping leg to adjust to even ground along with an adjustable table top to add area if you are having unexpected guests to the cookout. When cooking is one of your favorite activities on the campsite, this feature is something you shouldn’t skip out on.

Rustproof Aluminum Frames

When finding the best camping table for your family, durability should be at the top of your list. You’ll be contending with Mother Nature, which means the possibility of wind, water, and dirt is ever-present. Choose a camping table with a rustproof aluminum frame to combat rust and corrosion that can easily break down materials causing damage. This feature will protect your investment and provide a long-lasting folding camping table for years to come.

Simple Portability

While you certainly want a camping table that can stand up to the elements to provide endless durability, you also don’t want to lug around an ultra-heavy table when you’re headed to and from the campsite. Luckily, these lightweight Camp & Go tables are easy to carry and come with a carry case with an arm strap so moving to and from the campsite is a breeze.

How Can You Use Camping Tables at the Campsite?

Camping tables can be used for a variety of different reasons to keep your family occupied and comfortable during the duration of your trip. Here are a few of the most popular ways to use a folding camping table.

Cleaning Fish

Cleaning fish from your trip can be a messy chore before it’s time to eat. While you can clean your fish in the bed of your truck or the boat, it’s safest to do so on a clean surface away from dirt, debris, and germs. A camping table is the ideal spot to turn into a makeshift kitchen and fish cleaning station.

Cleaning fish is simple with Camp & Go tables because of their convenient height. You won’t have to strain to reach down and clean fish. Make sure to bring a cutting board and all your tools, along with a bucket nearby to clear scraps. Have a water source nearby to quickly clean and sanitize the area when you’re done.

Meal Prep

Whether you’re cooking fish or something you’ve brought from home over the campfire or the grill, it’s important to have a safe place to cut and prepare the food you need. This is not only sanitary, but also convenient for the cook. Imagine trying to slice meat or vegetables while sitting on a chair!

You can choose from a large enough table to have an entire separate area to feed the family afterwards, or quickly clean up your food prep section for a family dinner in minutes.

Playing Cards and Games

Playing cards and board games are great ways to bond and pass the time at the campsite. But try playing cards on the ground. It gets both dirty and uncomfortable very quickly. Instead, invite your entire family to play on a camping table for hours of enjoyment. It provides a comfy spot to place your items without having to worry about them getting damaged on the ground.

Having a Meal

While eating in your lap is sometimes necessary while enjoying the great outdoors, why not level up on comfort by using a folding camping table as your dinner table? If you want to take it a step further, you can even do place settings and decorations for a special occasion if you bring along a foldable camping table.

Choose the Best Camping Tables from Camp & Go

One of the best parts of a camping table from Camp & Go is the ultimate versatility. While they are essential for the campground, these tables can also be used for your next tailgate, farmers market, and even your own home when you need extra space in a snap. Camp & Go provides a number of options at different price points for the ideal table that fits your needs.

Choose from an incredible folding table that sets up in two table sizes, adjusting for camp or standard height chairs for ultimate comfort. It even has telescoping table legs that can adjust to uneven terrain so you’ll never have to worry about where to place the camping table in a pinch.

Camp & Go has multiple size options to choose from, including compact and larger tables to accommodate your group no matter what. The included travel bags make moving these folding camping table options simple when you need to go from the campsite back home. The durable construction mixes with a gorgeous style for an outdoor accessory so incredible, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.