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Take a Rugged Camping Cooler Anywhere You Need Refreshments

Camping Coolers
Camping Coolers

Are you looking for a durable metal cooler that you can take anywhere you need refreshments? Shop for a convenient RIO stainless steel cooler.

Durable, Dependable Coolers for Camping

Durable, Dependable Coolers for Camping

With long-lasting ice retention and stylish looks, Camp & Go camping coolers are perfect for storing food and drinks on the go.

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Why Do I Need a Camping Cooler?

Food safety should be a top priority when on the campsite with family and friends because it can quickly ruin your trip if you ingest any food that has been stored at an improper temperature. A camping cooler can also be used to keep the wildlife away from your food.

What Is the Best Camping Cooler for My Needs?

No two camping coolers are built exactly alike. The best coolers for camping come in all shapes and sizes and are made out of different materials. Here's a look at some of the best coolers for camping.

A Personal Sized Camping Cooler

The best personal sized camping coolers hold up to eight cans and are ideal for a day of hiking. Usually made of fabric, they have a leakproof zipper and a single piece liner to keep a day's worth of food and drinks cold. They also have padded shoulder straps for easy transportation.

A Backpack Camping Cooler

A backpack camping cooler has a waterproof and stain resistant molded shell and an extra pouch for carrying your cell phone, car keys, and other items you want to stow away for a weekend camping trip. This two-in-one accessory is a must have for any avid camper.

A Tote Bag Cooler

A tote bag cooler is an ultra-convenient way to carry around your personal stash of food. Additionally, you can use carabiner clips to attach the tote bag cooler to a cart or a rolling cooler when you're transporting it from the vehicle to the campsite.

A Stainless Steel Camping Cooler

Stainless steel camping coolers are built for a large amount of drinks ideal for bigger gatherings. They have a durable stainless-steel body and keyed lid latch that helps keep food and drinks colder longer.

A Soft-Sided Camping Cooler

Soft sided coolers with wheels have an extendable handle, which makes them easy to move from the car to the campsite. They also have leakproof, heat sealed microbial liners to keep drinks and food safe.