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Sleeping Solutions with Unmatched Convenience

Camping Cots
Camping Cots

Want to sleep well while you're camping in the great outdoors? Shop Camp&Go for a convenient, comfortable camping cot.

Make the Great Outdoors Feel Like Home

Make the Great Outdoors Feel Like Home

Find a camping cot that perfectly fits your needs for your next outdoor adventure.

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When comfort and convenience are your top priority, camping cots from Camp & Go will fit the bill. You’ll love their simple setup, durable construction, and affordable price. This investment will pay for itself when you are able to sleep soundly even while on the campsite.

These cots are the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and durability. Bring a piece of home wherever you go in the great outdoors when you purchase a camping cot from Camp & Go

What are the Features and Benefits of a Camping Cot?

Getting a rough night’s sleep can truly ruin your amping trip. That is why investing in a great sleeping solution will enrich your entire vacation. These sleeping solutions from Camp & Go provide a number of features and benefits that you will be happy to have on any excursion.

They Assemble Easily

Assembly is a snap with Camp & Go cots. There are no loose parts which means not only less time to put together, but less of a chance to lose parts in transit.

They Fold for Convenient Transport and Storage

If you don’t have the right camping cot, you could get stuck carrying an ultra-heavy cot that is awkward to tote around. Camping cots from Camp & Go have a patented step-down tension lock stability system not only offers increased strength, but also makes it simple to transport and fold.

They Have Pouches for Storage

Keep your cell phone or tablet safe inside a built-in pouch on your camping cot. This allows your electronics to stay away from dirt and moisture, and also adds convenience so you always know where they are.

They Have Cup Holders!

Enjoy built-in cupholders to always have your favorite beverage nearby. You’ll love the ultimate convenience of not having to leave your tent when you need a sip of water.