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Stylish Protection From Damaging UV Rays

Keep your family sheltered at the shore from the sun's harmful UV rays. Shop RIO for a beach umbrella that will keep your family safe.

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When you need quick and stylish protection from the sun’s harshest UV rays, a RIO beach umbrella will do the trick. Easy to set up and transport, there’s no excuse for overheating at the beach, with these incredible shelter solutions, perfect for every outdoor getaway.

Stay Cool with an Attractive RIO Beach Umbrella

These beach umbrellas offer maximum protection and comfort to make your day a breeze. They’re so useful against dangerous UV rays, The Skin Cancer foundation recommends them as tools to keep your skin safe. Each RIO beach umbrella features:

Tilt options: When the sun moves during your day at the beach, so can your umbrellas. No matter your position, you’ll be able to tilt the umbrella to keep the sun out of your eyes and your skin protected from harmful sunlight.

Rugged polyester fabric: This 300D polyester fabric stands up to the sand and surf, and is constructed to provide you years of enjoyment.

UPF 50+ protection: While a day by the water is fun for the whole family, it can also be incredibly tough on your skin. As long as you’re under a RIO beach umbrella, you’ll have unmatched protection from the sun’s harshest rays.

Ultimate strength and stability: These beach umbrella options are constructed with a powder-coated steel pole, resistant to rust and corrosion. It can also attach to a sand anchor for increased stability on a windy day. An added wind vent increases strength and ventilation.

Versatile Beach Umbrella Options for Any Adventure

When your beach vacation is over, these colorful sun shelters are also perfect for other outdoor needs. Whether you need a spot to chill out at a tailgate, or some extra sun protection at a tailgate, you’ll be relieved to have these ultra-convenient umbrellas. They are easy to set up no matter the occasion, and include a PVX carry bag to make transport simple.

Choose from multiple beach umbrella options with extra creature comforts like a fold-out table, complete with drink holders. Enjoy a beach umbrella model with a zip up window for extra airflow and comfort. Strength meets beauty with these convenient sun shelters from RIO.