Miracle-Gro: A Name You Can Trust in Greenhouses

No matter what you are planting, Miracle-Gro is a name that has been trusted for decades. At Miracle-Gro, a garden is more than plants. It is a chance to connect with the community, improve the environment, and help you to make the most out of your piece of the earth.

Miracle-Gro is teaming up with ShelterLogic to bring growers high-quality greenhouses that will improve your yield without breaking the bank. These greenhouses allow you to better control the environment for the most optimal growing conditions to create stronger plants, faster. Miracle-Gro and ShelterLogic bring growers the best of both worlds.

Miracle-Gro Greenhouses

This Miracle-Gro greenhouse stands 6 feet tall, which offers plenty of room to easily arrange your crops on just about any area of your property. Although it is a small footprint, it packs a big punch with best-in-class materials that allow you to start growing earlier in the season for maximum growing potential. Other features and benefits of this greenhouse include:

  • Simple assembly: There is no need to hire professional help when it comes to assembling this greenhouse. It is easy to assemble and even to disassemble if you want to move it at a later date. This is not a permanent structure which offers you ultimate versatility.
  • Sturdy construction: This greenhouse features a strong carbon steel frame that prevents rust and corrosion while standing up to Mother Nature. Even the triple-layer cover made with Luminate Light Diffusion Fabric is sturdy. The fabric is UV-treated and prevents UVA and UVB rays from damaging your crops.
  • Cost effective: Aside from being more affordable than a standalone building, these greenhouses can save you money by growing more crops and protecting them from rough weather that can potentially wipe out plants altogether.

Miracle-Gro Mini Greenhouses

Whether you want to grow herbs on your back porch or simply need an area with a smaller footprint to start your seedlings, mini greenhouses are convenient, strong, and affordable. They come in two different sizes and are perfect for property owners looking to maximize their space. Features and benefits of the mini-greenhouses include:

  • Compact design: This Miracle-Gro mini greenhouse is small enough to fit on a small back porch or even an apartment balcony. Choose from two different convenient sizes to cater to your growing needs.
  • Strong construction: This mini-greenhouse is created with high-grade steel, constructing an ultra-strong frame that can stand up to the elements. The sturdy coverr is made with clear PVC and blocks harmful sunlight that can wreak havoc on your plants.
  • Easy access: The zip up door makes it simple to get in and out of your mini-greenhouse whenever you need to tend to your seedlings.