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Burn Better Fires With Reliable Firewood and Hearth Products

From sturdy seasoning sheds to practical tools for the hearth, ShelterLogic has everything you need to burn better fires.

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ShelterLogic’s Reliable, Dependable Firewood and Hearth Products

Don’t play with fire! Whether you’re looking to season fresh logs, stack seasoned firewood outside your home, accessorize your hearth, or all the above, ShelterLogic has the reliable, dependable firewood and hearth products that will let you build better burning, less smoky fires. From high quality seasoning sheds for preparing your newly cut wood to sturdy steel firewood racks for seasoned wood storage to toolsets, screens, and buckets for the hearth, ShelterLogic’s firewood and hearth products are durable, useful, and attractive.

ShelterLogic Firewood Seasoning Sheds and Firewood Racks for Proper Log Storage

Firewood seasoning sheds are engineered to create burnable logs twice as fast as if you dried them in open air. They feature a heavy-duty steel frame that give your seasoning shed solid structure, and a translucent polyethylene fabric cover that allow light, retain heat, and provides cross ventilation to dry your firewood. Firewood seasoning sheds also come with a vapor barrier that keeps moisture away from your firewood and prevents rot and mold.

ShelterLogic heavy duty firewood racks prevent bug infestation, mold growth, and rot by keeping your logs off the ground. ShelterLogic firewood racks are made of tough steel that resists rust and corrosion, and keeps your logs organized and handy. They feature an open-air design, which provides proper air circulation to maintain seasoning and drying.

Don’t Forget These Practical, Useful Hearth Accessories

Shelterlogic also makes attractive, useful accessories for the hearth, including steel log holders, fireplace toolsets, fireplace screens, and coal buckets. Our steel log holders allow you to neatly stack and attractively store your seasoned firewood indoors by the hearth. They have a sturdy square tube frame that keeps your seasoned logs and kindling neat and within reach!

ShelterLogic’s fireplace screens are not only beautiful: they help you safely enjoy your fire. They prevent sparks from potentially igniting carpeting or wood floors. Fireplace screens also act as a safety gate to protect your pets and kids from possible burns.

Our 5-piece set of cast iron fireplace tools are ideal for safely stoking your fire, repositioning logs, and cleaning up your hearth. The ergonomically designed handles are highly functional and allow for safe and easy tending of fires. The tools include a poker for adjusting and stoking wood, tongs for safely reposition logs, a shovel for scooping ash, a brush for sweeping up debris, and a heavy duty stand to hold your tools.

A ShelterLogic fireplace coal hod is an all-steel bucket that makes clean up and removal of fireplace ash easy. It’s also an excellent container for transporting and storing coal or wood pellets.

Bring ShelterLogic’s Firewood and Hearth Products into Your Home

ShelterLogic designs and builds firewood and hearth products that help you create an unbeatable firewood burning experience. Practical, functional, and attractive, ShelterLogic products are made to bring style and usefulness together. Whether you’re looking for a seasoning shed to cure your fresh cut firewood, a sturdy firewood rack to store your logs, or attractive and useful firewood tools for the hearth, you’ll be all set for with ShelterLogic!