Everest Steel Wind and Snow Rated Garage from SOJAG

The Highest Quality Metal Garage: SOJAG Everest Garage

A Metal Garage with Tough, Strong, Long-lasting Resistance Against the Elements

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A SOJAG Metal Garage is Built to Take on Tough Weather

If you’re looking for a strong, built-to-last metal garage that can take on all kinds of tough weather, then you need to take a good look at a steel garage from SOJAG . With so many sizes to choose from, these tough wind and snow load rated SOJAG garages give you the best choice and most options for your metal garage needs!

A Detached Metal Garage That’s Built Tough

The Everest metal garage kits series is a stylish, premium steel garage from SOJAG. The steel used to make this garage is up to 9 times more resistant to corrosion in a side-by-side comparison of other materials. It also features a stylish premium textured paint finish that protects the exterior from additional damage and makes it more attractive. This garage is expandable up to 100 feet long.

What Do You Get with a SOJAG Metal Garage Building?

Whether you need a small metal garage for your home or a giant one for business use, your SOJAG garage includes these premium features:

  • Tough, Durable Steel Construction: SOJAG garages are made of strong Galvalume steel, an aluminum, zinc, and silicone-plated steel that offers exceptional corrosion resistance and carries a limited 20-year warranty.
  • Exceptional Wind Rating: The garage features a new panel profile design for a stronger steel garage with a wind speed rating up to 100 MPH.
  • Extra Tough Snow Load Rating: The reinforced, advanced strength truss system provides a stronger roof for the unit overall and a 35 PSF ground snow load rating.
  • Easy Access: It features extra-tall 94 in. high walls, and an 8 x 7 ft. sectional garage roll-up door with premium brushed metal hardware.
  • Sturdy, Secure Side Door Entry: The 28 in. wide side door provides easy access and features a secure steel handle with a keyed deadbolt.
  • Premium Textured Paint Finish: Your SOJAG metal garage is not just built strong, it features a stylish matte finish that gives it additional protection from the elements.

Metal Garages v. Carports

When it comes to finding the perfect storage solution for your vehicle, you have many options to choose from. Detached metal garages and carports are excellent choices, and we offer a wide selection of both at ShelterLogic! A carport is more minimal, simply offering a covering to protect your car, motorcycle, or boat from rain, snow, and UV rays. Carports are open on three or four sides for maximum convenience, can be attached to the side of your home, and provides shelter at an unbeatable price. On the other hand, detached metal garages are going to provide more protection as they are completely enclosed from the elements. Steel garages are highly durable, protect against theft, are versatile, and can be used as additional storage.

SOJAG Garages Offer Safe, Secure Storage and More

SOJAG garages are built tough and can be configured in multiple lengths to fit your needs. With roll-up garage doors and extra-tall walls, they are great for storing cars, trucks, tractors, or boats. SOJAG garages can also be used for bulk storage, as a home workshop, or as office and storage space for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and other contractors. If you need tough, secure outdoor storage that will also hold up in the toughest weather, then a SOJAG metal garage is right for you!

Detached Metal Garages Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to buy a metal garage or to build one?

When it comes to investing in a detached metal garage, it’s far cheaper and more convenient to buy a metal garage kit. Steel prices are low, which means you can find prefabricated steel garage kits for affordable prices. Not to mention, you’ll save on labor costs!

Are metal garages a good investment?

Yes! Like an attached garage, metal garages increase property function and value. The more functional square footage and storage space you can add to your home, the better its value for future homers and yourself! Detached metal garages are also a good investment considering they are relatively low cost, yet boast a high value and lifespan.

How long will a steel building last?

Unlike concrete and wood, steel buildings are not as susceptible to deterioration and corrosion, giving them a lifespan of anywhere from 50 to 100 years!

What is the difference between a detached metal garage and a storage shed?

There are a few key differences between portable metal garages and storage sheds:

  • Size: First and foremost, most storage solutions marketed as sheds are going to be smaller than portable and detached metal garages.
  • Entry and access points: At ShelterLogic, our portable storage sheds have one to two wide openings for entry and roll-up door kits. Storage sheds, on the other hand, typically have a single or double swing door.
  • Flooring: While storage sheds will be like small buildings with a floor completely enclosing the space, portable garages do not come with flooring.