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Steel Storage Sheds for a Neat and Organized Home

Steel Storage Sheds for a Neat and Organized Home

Storage sheds are for more than just your lawn mower. Use a steel storage shed to keep your entire home neat and organized.

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A storage shed is no longer just a place to keep your lawn mower and gas can. Stylish and sturdy steel storage sheds can be used to organize and store anything that’s inside your home and can also be a focal point of your backyard landscape.


What is a Storage Shed?

A storage sheds is a small building that is used for storage and are usually positioned in a backyard or side yard of a house. Shed storage can be used to store a lawn mower, landscaping and gardening equipment, tools, and bulk items that don’t fit in your house. Generally speaking, a metal storage shed has one or two pad-lockable front doors that either slide open or swing open to provide access to stored goods. 

A well-built, premium steel storage shed like the SOJAG Denali is made of Galvalume, an aluminum, zinc, and silicon-plated steel that offers superior rust protection and corrosion resistance. The steel is 70% thicker than standard sheds. The Denali has a Wrinkle Paint textured Anthracite finish that is not only appealing but offers increased resistance against harmful weather and corrosion.

Some steel storage sheds are designed to fit on your patio or deck, and others are built to take up backyard space. If you have a small backyard but need a considerable storage solution, a steel shed can rest against a fence or the side of your house.


What Should You Look for in a Steel Storage Shed?

In addition to durability, you will want a steel storage shed that offers convenience and security.

If you have a shed with tall inside walls, then you will be able to neatly stack bulk items up to the ceiling. It also means you’ll have more head room so you can have an easier time finding and accessing your stored items.

While most steel storage sheds have doors that can be padlocked, doors with a keyed lock deadbolt offer extra convenience.

Gables and vents are important attributes of a steel storage shed. This will allow for proper ventilation and reduce the chance of condensation buildup in your structure. Humidity and moisture can not only cause a steel storage shed to prematurely age but can cause damage to the items stored inside it.


How Will Your Use a Storage Shed?

A steel storage shed can be used to store a variety of household goods. For example, you may use it to store bulk items that you have no plans of using right away but are taking up space in your home. It could also be used for seasonal storage. For example, you may use a steel shed to store holiday decoration, sports equipment, an ATV, or other items that are not stored all year long.

You can also use a storage shed for everyday items. For example, if you are a woodworker, you could store the tools of your craft in a steel storage shed, and also leave room to use it as a workshop.

Plan before you purchase a steel storage shed. Measure your backyard and the items you wish to store. This will help tremendously in the long run. Take some time to measure the area where you want your shed to be and think about what you’ll be storing inside of it. If you buy a shed that’s too small, your belongings will be crowded and difficult to access. Also, if you buy a steel storage shed that’s too big for your yard, it may take up too much room on your property.

No matter how you plan to use a steel storage shed, it’s always good to plan for the future. By that, when you plan to buy a steel storage shed, you should get the next size up. That way if you need additional space down the road, you’ll be covered. Also, getting a shed that is slightly bigger than you need means that you will have room to move around and better access to your stored goods.


Simple Organization Ideas for Steel Storage Sheds 

Once you’ve decided on a steel storage shed and have it assembled in your backyard space, you will need some tips for better organization.

Shelves or shelving units are easy to put together and rest against a wall of your steel storage shed. You can get metal, chrome, wood, or resin shelves for your storage shed, and use them to store items such as toolboxes, gas cans, garden tools, and more.

Plastic crates with lids are great for storing bulk goods inside your steel storage shed. If they are all the same size and brand, then they will usually be made to simply stack on top of each other. Label what’s inside them to make it easier to find stored items quickly.

Hooks and hanging racks are perfect for storing rakes, brooms, garden tools, and anything else with a handle or an attached strap.


A Steel Storage Shed for Your Backyard Aesthetic

A storage shed can often wind up being a focal point of your backyard space. That’s why it’s not only important to choose a shed to complement your backyard aesthetic, but also select a shed that will be the right size for your needs.

Additionally, the look of your steel shed should complement your house. For example, if your house has a rustic look, you should not choose a steel storage shed with a contemporary design. Also, while the color of the shed does not need to match the exterior of the house, it should at least complement it and tie into the color palate.

You can also beautify the area around your steel storage shed with landscaping such as crushed landscaping stone and perennials, and annuals that will give your backyard a unified look. Putting mulch around the outside of the shed and building a walkway to connect your patio and shed can also help you tie in the aesthetic.


Is a Permit Needed for a Steel Storage Shed?

Depending on the size of your outdoor storage shed and the rules of your municipality, you may need a permit. Typically, a building or home addition over 200 square feet will need a building permit, although this can vary from city to city.

When in doubt, we recommend that you check with your local zoning department to understand all the requirements, if any, needed to assemble a storage shed on your property.


The Importance of Anchoring

We always recommend that you properly anchor your steel storage shed. The manual for your steel storage shed will give you best practices for anchoring. Additionally, you can download this anchor guide for tips for properly securing your steel storage shed.


Steel Storage Shed Clearance Sales

Looking for additional savings on a steel storage shed? Check the ShelterLogic Group website for steel storage shed clearance sales. When there is a steel storage shed clearance sale, those price reductions will be posted on this site.