Firewood Racks

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Firewood Racks Are the Must-Have Accessory

Do you like to relax by the fire, whether it’s a fire pit or a fireplace? Do you use a wood stove to help heat your home? A firewood rack is the must-have accessory to properly store seasoned firewood for efficient burning. Both ShelterLogic and Arrow Storage Products offer a variety of reliable, attractive wood racks for your home. Don’t just throw an old tarp over your woodpile and call it a day. Treat yourself to a wood rack: the most-practical, ideal firewood storage solution for your home.

Firewood Racks Keep Your Logs Arranged and Dry

Firewood racks serve dual purposes:

  • As a firewood holder, they keep your seasoned logs dry and clean. Wet, dirty firewood does not burn efficiently, is prone to rot, and attracts pests and bugs. And if your burn moldy firewood, it can create a health hazard in your home. When you store it on a firewood rack, it stays off the ground and under a cover or a roof. Keeping it on a rack makes your firewood burn hotter and less smoky, which leads to a cleaner chimney.
  • As a firewood storage unit, a wood rack also lets you keeps your wood neat, organized, and easily accessible. When firewood is properly stacked on a wood rack, it allows continued air circulation and seasoning of your wood. Therefore, if you have a firepit, wood stove, or use your fireplace, you need to invest in a firewood rack.

Stellar Firewood Storage from ShelterLogic

A leader in firewood storage, ShelterLogic has several firewood storage racks and bracket kits for your budget and needs! These easy-to-assemble wood racks have scratch-resistant powder coated steel frames that provide excellent ventilation for continued firewood seasoning. They come with a two-way polyester cover that adjusts to protect firewood up to 24 in. long. These heavy-duty and ultra-duty wood racks range in lengths from 4 ft. to 12 ft. and compliment most backyard landscapes.

Do you want to customize your own firewood rack? ShelterLogic’s bracket kits allow you to build one that best suits your outdoor or indoor firewood storage needs.

Amazing Compact Firewood Racks from Arrow Storage Products

Arrow Storage Products has developed all-steel firewood racks that help you keep your logs organized and within reach. With pre-cut, pre-drilled, and clearly labeled parts and simple-to-follow instructions, Arrow firewood racks are easy to assemble! They come in compact sizes for efficient firewood storage with warm finishes that compliment most homes and hearths. The firewood racks have a pent roof that prevents rainwater from pooling, and keeps your wood under protective, reliable cover.