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Shop On-The-Go Pop-Up Canopies

Need lightweight and reliable shade, on-the-go? Shop pop-up canopies.

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    Expedition EX100 Straight Leg Pop-Up Canopy, 11 ft. x 11 ft. Black
    Special Price $66.44 Regular Price $109.99
  2. Special Price $47.58 Regular Price $79.99
  3. Special Price $79.22 Regular Price $139.99
  4. Special Price $77.00 Regular Price $129.99
  5. Special Price $59.54 Regular Price $99.99
  6. Special Price $57.12 Regular Price $89.99
  7. Special Price $57.12 Regular Price $89.99
  8. Special Price $57.12 Regular Price $89.99
  9. Special Price $57.12 Regular Price $89.99
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    Canopy Factory Sport Pop-Up Canopy, 10 ft. x 10 ft. Blue
    Special Price $57.27 Regular Price $159.99
  11. 2 Options Available
    Summit X Straight Leg Pop-Up Canopy Tent
    Quik Shade
    From $169.99
  12. 6 Options Available
    Shade Tech Slant Leg Pop-Up Canopy Tent
    Quik Shade
    From $64.99
  13. 6 Options Available
    Shade Tech Straight Leg Pop-Up Canopy Tent
    Quik Shade
    From $79.99
  14. From $119.99
  15. 6 Options Available
    Weekender Elite Slant Leg Pop-Up Canopy Tent
    Quik Shade
    From $89.99
  16. From $89.99

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A Portable Canopy for Any Event

A portable canopy is a versatile and convenient tool you can bring anywhere from sporting events to the beach. Both ShelterLogic and Quik Shade offer multiple styles that are both attractive and reliable for anywhere you need extra shade and protection. Whether you are looking for a straight or slant leg option, you will find the perfect choice with simple assembly!

Reliable Pop-Up Shade from ShelterLogic

ShelterLogic offers sturdy shade options at a price that won’t break the bank. If your goal is to have an attractive instant canopy at your next picnic, look no further than the Quick Clamp Canopy. This adjustable shade solution attaches to many surfaces and fits most tables up to 10 feet long for shade in a snap! For something more substantial with minimal set up, enjoy the Pop-Up Canopy HD in straight or slant leg options, and even choose from a truss top style. For the maximum coverage and value, the Alumi-Max will give you supreme coverage that you can set up in less than 15 minutes with two people. All of these choices are also fire rated for your safety.

Strong Portable Canopies from Quik Shade

If you’re in the market for a durable pop-up canopy with both style and function, Quik Shade has a variety of options to choose from for any event. Each model below is also fire rated. They include:

  • Slant Leg Options: For the most practical and cost-effective set up, choose a slant leg pop-up canopy like Go Hybrid for a portable canopy tent with the easiest setup. Slant leg is sturdy, but gives a little bit less shade than straight leg options.
  • Straight Leg Options: A straight leg canopy tent will provide more shade coverage and superior stability. These choices also offer multiple height positions with minimal setup. For a straight leg pop-up canopy with superior airflow, choose one with Super Vents like the Summit X, which is also height adjustable. Finally, if you are planning a party or a large gathering and need maximum shade, Commercial and Marketplace straight leg models give maximum shade at a great value. These choices will make your guests delighted and keep everyone safe from the elements.
  • Both Slant and Straight Leg Models: The Expedition, Shade Tech, Solo Steel, and Weekender offer both slant leg and straight leg options with a variety of great features easy enough for one person to set up!