SOJAG and GoConfigure Assembly Services have teamed up to provide access to easy assembly for your SOJAG gazebo or pergola. We’ve made it simple for you to get your building set up efficiently and effectively in your outdoor space, so you can spend less time on worrying and more time enjoying your unit.

Choose Your SOJAG Unit:

After you’ve measured your area and determined that it’s level, choose the SOJAG building that will best meet your specifications. Whether it’s a SOJAG gazebo or pergola, select the size you want and add the product to your cart.

Select “Add Professional Installation” Option:

Once you’ve added the SOJAG unit to cart, you’ll be able to select the add professional installation option to your order.

What to Expect After Adding Assembly to Your SOJAG Purchase:

STEP 1 - Your SOJAG Order Has Shipped, Now What?

After you've placed your order and it has shipped from our warehouses, you will receive a call from a third party trucking company - not GoConfigure - to schedule delivery of your parcels. You can expect the product boxes to be dropped off at the end of your driveway. Please be sure to inspect your product for any damages upon arrival.

STEP 2 - Scheduling Your GoConfigure Assembly

Between the time your product is shipped and the delivery date, GoConfigure will reach out to you to schedule a time and day for assembly of your unit.

STEP 3 - Preparing for Assembly Day:

Once your SOJAG building has been delivered, make sure to prepare the location for your building by ensuring there’s adequate space for GoConfigure contractors to walk and work around the unit’s final location. We recommend there be at least 4 ft. around all sides for installation.

STEP 4 - Set Your Foundation:

Prior to assembly day, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve installed the appropriate and proper level base for your SOJAG unit. Whether you decide to use concrete, wood or another material; you’ll want to ensure that your base is ready and prepped for your unit’s installation.

STEP 5 - Assembly Day:

On the scheduled day of assembly, make sure that the assembly crew have adequate access to the build location. No need to provide the crew with anything, they’ll bring their own tools to assemble the product.

…Then sit back, relax and enjoy
your SOJAG building!


Frequently Asked Questions:

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