Why Buy New? Extend the Life of Your ShelterLogic Garage When You Replace Your ShelterLogic Garage Cover

Did You Know You Can Replace The Garage Cover to Many ShelterLogic Products?

When we develop products at ShelterLogic, we build them to last. However, season after season of use can wear down the covers of our garages, canopies, and more.

For many of our customers who have ShelterLogic shade and shelter products that are out of warranty, it may not be necessary to buy an entirely new unit. But did you know you can replace your ShelterLogic garage cover, instead?

Thanks in part to the feedback of so many of our customers, we have developed the ShelterLogic Replacement Cover program.

This initiative allows past customers to order covers for their ShelterLogic products and extend the life of their shade or shelter. Rather than purchasing a brand new garage, customers can keep their old frame and purchase a new cover in the same or new color.

Does Your ShelterLogic Garage Need a Cover Upgrade?

ShelterLogic Garage Replacement cover ShelterLogic Replacement Covers

If the frame of your ShelterLogic garage unit is sturdy and stable, but you are looking to upgrade your ShelterLogic garage cover with a more durable, heavy duty cover, you can do that too! As part of our Replacement Cover Program here at ShelterLogic, we are offering past customers the opportunity to increase the durability of their garage structure with one of our stronger, heavier material covers.

Want to know if your garage is eligible for a stronger, sturdier replacement cover? Reach out to a customer service representative today to learn more about this unique program, and start getting more our of your ShelterLogic garage!

Looking for a CoverIt Cover? Look No Further.

CoverIT Replacement Covers ShelterLogic replacement covers

ShelterLogic offers replacement covers for CoverIT buildings, too.

If your CoverIT building cover looks like it needs a fresh look, you can order a replacement by calling our customer service department.

For more information about the ShelterLogic Replacement Cover program or to order a replacement cover for your garage, canopy or any of our ShelterLogic buildings, call 1-800-746-8764 to place your order.

ShelterLogic Customer Service is available Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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