1. The Do's and Dont's of Storing Firewood

    The Do's and Dont's of Storing Firewood

    When the frigid temperatures of winter arrive, you want to have plenty of dry firewood available for a warm night by the fire. It’s not as easy as it sounds if you don’t have the proper tools for storing firewood. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to making sure your fire burns hot and efficiently this season.

    Storing Firewood Outside

    The first thing you need to do when you’re preparing for those chilly nights is to organize the firewood. It may be tempting to stack the wood conveniently in your home near the fireplace somewhere. But that’s a big don’t when it comes to storing firewood. You don’t want to introduce any pests like termites to your home! Do use a rack to stack your firewood and store safely outside. This will keep the wood off the ground, which will help get rid of bugs, mold growth, and rot. This ultra-duty rack with a 2-way adjustable cover will give you seasoned wood with a small footprint. The premium U Channel frame and open-air design will give your firewood the ventilation it needs, while also making it easy for you to access. If you want something bigger than the compact 4 ft. model, you can choose a rack in multiple sizes up to this 16 ft. model.


    The Best Choice in Firewood Storage

    While storing firewood outside is a great first step, you don’t want to ever keep it someplace where it can easily get wet. When your ultimate goal is to create burnable wood for an efficient fire, do invest in a seasoning shed. The ...
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  2. Fireplace Maintenance: Prep for the Winter Season

    Fireplace Maintenance: Prep for the Winter Season

    Nothing gets you ready for the chill of winter like a log burning in the fireplace. But with all the months of warmer weather, it’s possible you weren’t keeping up...

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  3. How to Stack Firewood for Winter

    How to Stack Firewood for Winter

    When the weather starts cooling down, who doesn’t love kicking back and relaxing by the fire and warming up with friends and family? It’s one of the best parts of...

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