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  1. 18 Cool and Creative Uses for a Portable Canopy

    18 Cool and Creative Uses for a Portable Canopy

    Whether you’re planning an outdoor family, business, community event, unpredictable weather can make planning tricky. A portable canopy can provide quick shade or instant protection from the rain. A portable canopy is a portable shelter that collapses for easy storage and transportation. Generally, a portable canopy comes in two pieces: a sturdy powder-coated steel canopy frame and a durable fabric canopy top. Portable canopies are often called pop-up canopies because the canopy part of the frame pops-up when it is opened. The legs of a portable canopy are height-adjustable to provide quick shade and weather protection and variable headroom. Pop-up canopies generally come with a convenient carry case, which makes them easy to store on a shelf, in a closet, or in a garage or shed. Since they are portable, pop-up canopies are also convenient to keep in the back of your car, truck, or SUV. Like having an umbrella handy on a rainy day, you never know when a portable canopy will come in handy! There are many ways you can use a portable canopy for work and play. Let’s look at a variety of cool and creative home, community, and business pop-up canopy uses:

    Uses for a Portable Canopy at Home

    Patio or Deck Cover: Sometimes, in the summer, you need a quick shade solution for your patio or deck. A pop-up canopy can help you beat the heat so you can enjoy your investment. Use one when you’re having your morning coffee, or when you’re having guests over for dinner. Pool Cabana: The swimming pool can be fun, but sooner or later you’ll need to take a break. Place a portable canopy over your lounge chairs and avoid the sun’s harmful UV rays. A quick rest in the shade will help you stay energized! Sandbox or Garden Shade: Since portable canopies are height-adjustable, they’re great for when you’re working low to the ground. You can use a pop-up canopy to provide quick shade when you’re working on your garden. Also, you can use one over a sandbox to keep your kids safe from the sun. Garage Sale: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Make your customer’s treasure hunt more pleasant and put your sale items underneath a pop-up canopy. It’s not only a great way to keep your customers out of the sun on a hot day, your merchandise will stay dry if it starts to rain. Lemonade Stand: When you’re a kid, there’s no more fun way to make a few bucks than to sell lemonade in your front yard. Keep your kids and their customers cool underneath a portable canopy!

    Portable Canopy Usage When You’re Out and About

    Picnic in the Park: Want to get away from the everyday routine? The park is a great place to have a picnic. Of course, parks aren’t always a great place to escape the sun. Bring along a pop-up canopy and get some quick shade for your picnic. Beach Shade: Like the park, there’s very little shade at a beach. Bring along a portable canopy and get some relief from the sun. Some portable canopies have wind vents to prevent them from going airborne. However, a portable canopy should also be anchored to the sand*. Street Fair or Community Event: Is your organization planning to attend at a local event? You can make its presence known by using a pop-up canopy. Whether it’s a street fair, carnival, fair, a portable canopy will help you stand out in the crowd. It will also help keep your team protected from the elements as they network with the community. Concession Stand and Food Tent:... Are you part of a youth baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, or field hockey board? You can raise some serious funds with a concession stand at your games. Whether it’s a pee wee event or a high school game, a portable canopy will keep your concessioners and
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  2. Have Fun This Summer with These Backyard Family Activities

    Have Fun This Summer with These Backyard Family Activities
    Traditionally, the summertime is a great time to get away with the family. However, work schedules, summer camps, and other activities can keep a family vacation from taking place. But fun family activities don’t have to take place on the road. You can make memories with your family right in your own backyard!

    There are several family activities that you can do right in your own backyard this summer. Some family activities require strength and teamwork, while others allow you all to relax and enjoy. Also, some of these activities can bring more fun to your next backyard gathering.

    From giant board games to family yoga, here are six backyard family activities that will make it a memorable summer.
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  3. 5 Fun Outdoor Learning Activities You and Your Kids Will Love

    5 Fun Outdoor Learning Activities You and Your Kids Will Love
    Schools may close for the rest of the academic year, and summer youth activities are up in the air. So, can we keep our children’s minds busy when they stay home? There are several outdoor learning activities that can take place on a laptop or a television screen. However, there are also many outdoor learning activities that can take place right in your backyard, and don’t require the Internet!
    Let’s look at 5 fun outdoor learning activities that your kids will love, and can be done in the backyard:

    Grow Your Own Vegetables

    Gardening changes and improves kids’ lives, their communities, and the planet. Not only is growing vegetables a fun learning activity, it can lead to healthy habits. Food researchers at Ohio State University and Cornell University found that children are five times more likely to eat salad when they have grown it themselves.
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  4. Top 10 Things You and Your Family Can Do When You Stay Home

    Top 10 Things You and Your Family Can Do When You Stay Home
    It’s hard to stay home when the weather starts to get nice. But you don’t need to be bored when you need to stay home. Here's a Top 10 list of things to do.
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  5. Event and Party Tents: Should You Rent or Buy?

    Event and Party Tents: Should You Rent or Buy?

    Event tents are an ideal way to shelter guests from the elements no matter what type of party you’re throwing. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or even backyard barbecues, party tents and shades will make guests more comfortable and allow your get-together to go off without a hitch. Many people aren’t sure whether to rent or buy an event tent. There are pros and cons to each, and you should first figure out how you’re planning to use party tents before making a decision.

    Ways to Use Event Tents

    When most people think of event tents, they automatically think of an outdoor wedding. While that is an incredibly popular reason to purchase or rent party tents, there are many different ways you can use these shelter solutions:
    • Corporate event: There are many different reasons businesses gather employees together. Whether it’s a celebration, training, or retreat, party tents can be utilized to shelter guests or even provide a space for them to check in to the main event held indoors.
    • Tailgate: People take the big game seriously these days, and that means bigger than ever tailgating parties. Maybe it’s your favorite professional sports team, or an end of the year event for your child’s baseball team. Either way, event tents will provide shelter and boost the fun factor.
    • Backyard barbecue: The heat can damper any backyard event if your guests have no place to escape from the sun. Provide shade and shelter with an event tent.
    • Birthday parties: Whether you’re throwing a children’s party or fancier sweet 16 bash, party tents can create the ambiance you’re looking for.
    • School festivals: School fundraising events are a great way to use event tents, providing a place for shelter, games, and a great area to eat food.
    • Farmers markets: Store the food you’re selling under an event tent, and people have more time to browse while staying out of the sun. Not to mention, your goods will be sheltered from the elements as well.
    • Rest area: Sometimes you may not want to use party tents for an actual party. Perhaps you have workers on your property for a large event and need a space for them to rest or get out of the sun.
    Event tents are ideal for making sure you and your guests have proper sun protection. At the end of the day, the comfort level can make or break a party. Deciding how you’ll use a party tent is the first step in deciding whether to rent or buy. Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of each.
    Whether you plan to use a party tent in the backyard, deck, or even a pave...
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  6. Pop-Ups, Canopies, and More for Fall Festivals

    Pop-Ups, Canopies, and More for Fall Festivals

    You know when the leaves start to change colors and temperatures drop, it’s time to celebrate fall. And with that comes all the wonderful fall festivals. Whether it’s a gathering at your church or maybe your child’s school, fall festivals are a great time to celebrate a new season. If you’re helping to organize the party or just partaking with your family, finding the perfect pop-up or canopy will make your experience even better.

    Made for the Shade

    Quik Shade Steel canopies are a great choice to keep you and your family out of the elements and ready to enjoy all the fun fall festivals have to offer. But if you’re helping a local organization to organize the event, there are so many unique ways to utilize a steel canopy:
    • Sell tickets under a canopy, keeping workers out of the sun
    • Keep baked goods or other items for sale under canopy and out of the elements
    • Hold a pumpkin carving station under canopies
    The Quick Shade Solo Steel Series is an easy choice for fall festivals. The huge benefit to these pop-up canopies is minimal set up time. You don’t have to spend hours getting your shelter ready. In fact, you only need one person to set one up! Each one provides extra strong trapezoidal legs and lock levers. You can choose from slant leg, straight leg, or for a little extra coverage, the straight leg with an awning. You can even choose from multiple different fabric colors to make this canopy all your own. All three models include:
    • 15D polyester top with 3d ripstop fabric cover
    • 4 ground stakes for each leg fo
    • ...
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  7. Must-Have Shade Products for the Perfect Picnic

    Must-Have Shade Products for the Perfect Picnic

    Whether you’re planning a picnic for two or ten people, you know the essentials for the perfect picnic: good food, great company, and reliable shade! Quality shade ensures you and your company stay cool and comfortable while snacking and relaxing outdoors. If you plan to picnic at the park, beach, or even in your backyard, check out these must-have shade products to take with you!

    Perfect Picnic Canopy Pop-Ups

    Pop-up canopies...
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