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  1. 9 Ways That Municipalities Can Use Portable Garages, Carports, and Buildings

    9 Ways That Municipalities Can Use Portable Garages, Carports, and ShelterTech Buildings

    A growing number of municipalities are recognizing the value of using portable storage buildings and other outdoor structures like garages and carports to meet their needs. Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but these structures are also versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of purposes. They're also durable, reliable, safe, and reusable. This makes them ideal for cities, states, and local municipalities of all sizes. 

    While many outdoor structures work perfectly as-is, customizing your portable storage solutions can make them even more useful. In fact, there are many creative applications that may not have crossed your mind. Following are some of the most common ways municipalities across the country are taking advantage of portable outdoor structures.

    Portable Storage Space

    Insufficient storage is a common problem that plagues many municipalities. From overflowing filing cabinets to cluttered shelves and closets, the lack of space creates problems with efficiency and even possible safety issues. Due to the extra space needed to maintain social distancing, many offices and classrooms are finding that they need temporary storage solutions now more than ever. 

    A portable storage shed is ideal for holding extra furniture, equipment, and other items that may currently be crowding municipal offices and other buildings. Since storage sheds are available in so many different sizes, they’re practical for both small-scale and bulk storage needs. Placing them on the property instead of storing items off-site is far more practical, as this makes it easy to access the items i

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  2. ShelterLogic Garage Options: What They Are and Their Uses

    ShelterLogic Garage Options: What They Are and Their Uses

    ShelterLogic backyard garages give you the means to maintain an outdoor lifestyle and protect the investments you can't take indoors. Depending on what you need in a backyard garage, i.e. the kind of vehicles or supplies you want protecting and how big of a space you need, the best product for you will vary.

    Think critically about the capacity you would like to use this portable garage for, the kind of weather and climate it needs to stand up against, and the space you have for it before investing. It is an investment, both in the quality and aesthetics of your outdoor space, and the protection you provide for the things you value.

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  3. COVID-19: Temporary Buildings Will be Needed for Mass Vaccine Clinics

    COVID-19: Temporary Buildings Will be Needed for Mass Vaccine Clinics
    Cities, counties, and states from coast to coast are upping the ante on lockdowns and restrictions due to an uptick in positive COVID-19 cases, but the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. As more news of successful clinical trials of a vaccine are being reported, temporary vaccine clinics will be needed to handle the demand for vaccinations. The demand for temporary fabric buildings, portable party tents, and commercial-grade canopies are going to be on the rise as pharmacies and medical facilities look to create short-term and long-term solutions for vaccine clinics. These structures can be quickly assembled and anchored* to a variety of surfaces and allow vaccine clinics to be set up quickly.
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  4. 6 Major Benefits of Owning a Fabric Building

    6 Major Benefits of Owning a Fabric Building
    Are you running out of work or storage space in your home, office, or business? Putting an addition on a home or a commercial business can be an expensive proposition, and construction can be inconvenient. However, you can save a lot of time and money by investing in a fabric building for your expansion needs.

    What Is a Fabric Building?

    A fabric building is a fabric-covered structure that is meant to be a temporary or semi-permanent structure. There are a few ways that they differ from permanent structures. For example, the materials used to construct a fabric structure are different. While a permanent building could consist mostly of bricks, concrete, and lumber, a fabric building typically uses lighter-weight materials.

    Fabric structures consist of sturdy all-steel frames and durable fabric or tarp covers that often don’t require zoning permits or local building codes to adhere to*. These structures provide heavy-duty protection, storage space, and more for a wide range of needs.

    Although fabric buildings are temporary structures, they are built to last. Some fabric buildings are even wind and snow load rated**, which means they are ready to take on tough weather. Also, while they should always be anchored for safety’s sake***, fabric buildings do not need to be built atop a concrete slab or a wall foundation.

    Fabric buildings are versatile, and there are several ways you can use them on your property. For example, a fabric building can be used as an on-site workshop space for manufacturing, masonry, or carpentry. Likewise, you can use a fabric building to store equipment for your construction, landscaping, automotive, home improvement business, and more. Additionally, you may want to add electricity and ventilation and use a fabric building as office or meeting space.
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  5. Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home

    Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home
    When the temperature begins to rise and the clocks spring ahead, it becomes time to say goodbye to those winter blues!

    One way to say hello to spring is to open the windows, let in the fresh air, and get your living space decluttered and re-organized. Although spring cleaning should be an annual ritual, many of us see it as a daunting task. But if you ignore it altogether, it could have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health.

    The thought of spring cleaning can be scary, especially if you think of it as a one-day job. Even trying to get all your spring cleaning done over an entire weekend can bring feelings of angst. But psychologists say that spring cleaning can also help you manage stress.

    Here’s how you can tackle spring cleaning one task at a time and declutter your life.
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  6. Fabric Buildings FAQs

    Fabric Buildings FAQs

    Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about fabric buildings -- what is a fabric building, how is it made, what do I use it for, how to I maintain one?

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  7. Holiday Storage: Tips and Solutions for Seasonal Organization

    Holiday Storage: Tips and Solutions for Seasonal Organization
    Everyone is trying to find the perfect present this holiday season. Have you thought about buying something for your loved ones that they can use immediately? Giving the gift of organization is something that will pay off year-round. Here are some holiday storage gift ideas that may not fit under the tree, but will look amazing in any outdoor space this winter.

    Holiday Storage Made EZEE

    This time of year, it’s time to start storing away outdoor items from winter’s fury. Your patio décor, grill, and even pool toys need to be kept somewhere safe as the temperatures drop. A great gift for holiday storage is the EZEE Shed. This is a solution that will tuck away yard items and keep everything tidy with minimal effort. But the best part is the simple assembly.

    The EZEE Shed has half the hardware, which means it will take you a shorter time to put together. But a quicker assembly doesn’t mean this shed isn’t just as strong as its counterparts. In fact, the unique bonding process means panels overlap every 12” which strengthens the unit even more! It means less chance of dents and damage.

    This is even an ideal choice for bulk storage in the winter. The swing doors are 33% larger than the competition, which means it’s easier for you to get in and out and gain access to whatever you need.
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  8. Winter Preparation: What to Do with Your Outdoor Items

    Winter Preparation: What to Do with Your Outdoor Items

    For many, winter time means the arrival of snow, ice, and bitter cold temperatures. This chilly weather means people spend less time outside, and more time staying warm by the fire. But that doesn't mean you should forget about protecting all your valuable belongings through this weather. Here are some great tips for winter preparation, and how you can make sure your outdoor items stay safe year-round.

    Winter Preparation for Your Vehicles...

    Let’s face it: Vehicles are one of the priciest investments y
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  9. Outdoor Storage Cleaning and Organization Tips

    Outdoor Storage Cleaning and Organization Tips

    Buying a steel shed for your property is a great way to keep the back yard looking tidy and beautiful no matter the season. But how you organize the interior of your shed is just as important as how you clean the outside of your storage solution. Here are some simple storage cleaning tips that will give you easy access to everything you need while extending the life of your shed.

    Organization is Everything...

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  10. Shed Anchoring Tips for ShelterLogic and Arrow

    Shed Anchoring Tips for ShelterLogic and Arrow

    Now that you’ve finally chosen the perfect shed for your backyard, you’re probably excited to start storing lawn equipment and other outdoor gear ahead of the fall and winter. But before you can start using your shed, have you properly anchored it? Anchoring is vital to any structure and often ensures that the building will remain erected safely and securely for longer. While most ShelterLogic and Arrow Storage Products sheds come with anchors, you may want to invest in anchors better adapted for your spe...

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