GoConfigure Assembly is available for SOJAG, Arrow, and ShelterLogic products

ShelterLogic Group and GoConfigure Assembly Services have teamed up to provide professional installation for your Arrow, ShelterLogic, or SOJAG structure purchased directly from shelterlogic.com.

The partnership provides simple and easy assembly to get your structure set up efficiently and effectively in your outdoor space, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your unit.

How Does GoConfigure Work?

Once you’ve added the unit of choice to your cart, you’ll be able to select the add professional installation option to your order. When your order has shipped from our warehouses, you will receive a call from a third-party trucking company to schedule your delivery. Between the time your product is shipped and the delivery date, Go Configure will reach out to you to schedule a day and time for assembly of your unit. 

When your unit has been delivered, you will need to prepare the location for your building by ensuring there’s adequate space (at least 4 ft. all around) for GoConfigure contractors to walk and work around the unit’s final location. You will also want to make sure that you’ve installed the appropriate and proper level base for your unit. If your unit requires a solid foundation base of concrete, wood, paver stones, crushed gravel, or another material, you’ll want to ensure that it’s ready and prepped well before installation day.

On installation day, you won’t need to provide the GoConfigure crew with anything. Just sit back and relax or go about your business: they’ll bring their own tools and assemble your product.

4 Reasons to Choose GoConfigure at Checkout

Even if you’re handy and like to get your hands dirty, there’s no shame in choosing GoConfigure when you check out. In fact, it can be a beneficial time- and stress-saving reward. These are some of the things you should think about before you decide to do it yourself instead of choosing the GoConfigure option.

1. You Don’t Have the Time

Depending on the size and your level of competency, a DIY project like the assembly of a shed, garage, or gazebo is a job that can take a day or two to complete. Busy schedules can get in the way of a DIY project, and it can keep getting be pushed off. By using the GoConfigure Assembly Service, you’ll have peace of mind that the job is being done right so you can focus on other tasks.

2. You Don’t Have the Skills

You may know how to use a screwdriver and a power drill and may be willing to learn more by watching how-to videos. But are you the best person to do the installation job? GoConfigure’s professional expertise in product installations can be the difference between a job well done and explaining what went wrong to your significant other.  

3. You Aren’t Up to the Demands of DIY

A do-it-yourself job can look like a piece of cake, but is it really? Setting up a pergola, garage, or carport can be physically-demanding labor and a mind-blowing challenge. If you have a physical limitation, an old injury that prohibits your range of motion, or a lack of physical strength, a DIY job of this magnitude can be difficult to do. And if you’re the kind of person who panics while reading instructions, or overthinks the task at hand, then you’ll want to choose GoConfigure.

4. You Can’t Get Anyone to Help You

Let’s face it: back in the day, you could get your friends to help you move and all they’d want in return is pizza and a beer. Those days are over. Typically, most ShelterLogic, Arrow, and SOJAG products require more than one person to safely install. GoConfigure will send the right number of professional installers out to your property to carefully and properly get the job done. 

Is GoConfigure Available for Your Desired Structure?

If you’ve decided to go with GoConfigure professional installation, then it’s easy to get started. The process is simple, low-stress, and streamlined with your convenience in mind.

At the time of your purchase through the ShelterLogic Group Store, you can choose GoConfigure for a wide variety of ShelterLogic Group structures. If the shed, gazebo, garage, canopy, or other item you wish to buy for your property can be installed by GoConfigure, then you will see “Add Professional Installation Provided by: GoConfigure” and a check box above the “Add to Cart” button.

If you purchase a ShelterLogic, Arrow, or SOJAG product at retail and are interested in using the GoConfigure service for assembly, you can still do so. Click the following links to see which ShelterLogic, Arrow, and SOJAG products can be put together by GoConfigure Assembly Services. 

Learn more about the benefits of professional installation vs. doing it yourself in this post from our Knowledge Center