Growers Guide: Greenhouse Growing Tips
Whether you’re a novice gardener, or a farmer looking to extend your growing season, greenhouses can provide the optimal environment for fruits, vegetables, and other plants to thrive. Creating a greenhouse garden means you get to control the air temperature and environment, while shielding your crops from rough weather. This is particularly helpful during the upcoming cooler months as the fall begins to really set in. Here are some greenhouse growing tips that will up your gardening game.

Greenhouse Growing Tips for Beginners

If you’ve just begun your quest to grow the perfect vegetables in your back yard, but you’re not really sure how to begin with a greenhouse, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a great idea to start small and learn the basics. The GrowIt Backyard Raised Bed Greenhouse is a compact option perfect for a starter greenhouse. This easy-to-assemble raised bed model is made of high-quality steel and comes with a roll-up cover to help with temperature control. The heat-bonded translucent cover is waterproof and UV-treated for ultimate protection from the elements. Now that you’ve chosen the proper model for your backyard, here are a few greenhouse growing tips to get you started:
  • Choose your plants wisely: Before you begin, make sure to figure out which plants do best in your climate. Some areas of the country might benefit from keeping certain crops inside the greenhouse all year, while others are more forgiving. Here’s a guide on what to grow in your greenhouse year-round.
  • Creating the right soil: Good soil is the key to healthy crops. Mother Earth News suggests mixing garden loam and compost, then adding well-aged manure or wood ashes.
  • Summer cleaning: We know how a good summer cleaning can do our homes good. But did you know doing the same for your greenhouse will help get rid of pests?
  • Fall use: Even winter vegetables and hardy plants need a little extra shelter as the fall begins to set in! bring plants into your greenhouse or close the greenhouse vents at nightfall to prevent frost and damage to plants and flowers overnight.
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Up Your Greenhouse Game

If you’re ready to bring your backyard gardening game to the next level, investing in a greenhouse with more space and shelving options is a great next step. GrowIt Backyard Greenhouse is a stellar choice. It is easy-to-assemble and comes with screen vents at both ends for great ventilation and temperature control. The translucent fabric allows light in while reducing harmful UV rays that can destroy plants. Other benefits include:
  • Premium powder coat finish that resists chipping and corrosion
  • Shelving on both sides to stage plants
  • Auger anchors included

High Tunnel Greenhouse for Maximum Return

Whether you’re a farmer looking to increase your crop yield, or a hobbyist looking for a larger solution, ShelterLogic’s High Tunnel Greenhouse is the ultimate choice for your year-round growing needs. One of the most important greenhouse growing tips is to customize your greenhouse. This model doesn't just allow you to choose your own size. In addition, you only have to buy what you need. That means if you only need a frame, you don’t have to shell out cash for the entire greenhouse kit.  Here are the bundle options:
  • Greenhouse frame
  • Frame + end panel frame
  • Frame + and cover kit
  • Full greenhouse kit


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Must-Have Greenhouse Growing Accessories

There are a couple items you'll be happy you purchased when it comes to gardening in your greenhouse. One of those items is this automatic shelter vent kit. It automatically opens and closes based on temperature, and reduces humidity inside your greenhouse. It is easy to install, and also screened to keep out insects. This Pull-Eaze Roll-Up Door Kit will also make your life easier when making trips to and from your greenhouse. It allows you to quickly open the door using a pulley and fits widths up to 14 ft wide with a 12 ft wide door opening. This ShelterShelf Bracket is also a great way to give yourself more space for anything you need in your greenhouse, whether it be plants or tools you’d like to store for easy access.


With these simple greenhouse growing methods, you can create your ideal environment for your crops during any season. It’s a smart way to ensure you grow better plants that can stand the test of Mother Nature year-round.