Grower’s Guide: Tips for Fall Gardening
When the cooler weather starts rolling in, gardeners know there’s a small window of time where the weather is sheer perfection. You’ll enjoy every single moment of that crisp breeze outside on your backyard deck or patio, along with planting your new crops for the coming season. But no matter the climate, there are some universal fall gardening tips that everyone can use this time of year.

Fall Gardening Clean Up

We’ve all heard the term, “Spring cleaning.” But in the gardening world, fall is an ideal time to do some housekeeping around your garden. Take stock of how your plants did over the last year, and start planning for what’s coming next. Rake up your leaves, and cut your perennials back. And don’t forget to continue watering! Successful fall gardening is all about looking ahead and taking advantage of the ideal temperatures. While you’re in clean up mode, why not add a splash of fall color to your garden? HGTV suggests pansies, oak leaf hydrangea, and Russian sage for some eye-catching plants in autumn. While you’re making sure the garden is in tip top shape, go ahead and add more mulch too, which will help protect from cooler temperatures as well as give your garden the facelift it deserves! fall gardening

Planning for Winter Weather

Depending on where you live, the weather can wreak havoc on certain plants. It’s important to figure out which ones will thrive where you live before you plan any of your fall gardening. The USDA has a helpful interactive map to figure out what plants work best in your area. One way to increase your growing season in any climate is to utilize a greenhouse. You essentially control the climate yourself, which will protect your plants from bad weather and even those pesky insects. This backyard raised bed greenhouse is a perfect size for someone with a compact space. This sturdy model is easy to assemble, and also has a roll-up cover for maximum temperature control. If you want to go a little bigger but still want a simple setup, the GrowIt Greenhouse-In-A-Box is a fabulous choice. It’s ready to build out of the box, and includes a ripstop waterproof cover that features our unique luminate fabric, which promotes more efficient and effective growth. For expert gardeners or growers looking for a long term gardening solution, ShelterTech’s High Tunnel Greenhouse is a great value. What makes the High Tunnel stand apart is the fact that it's configurable and customizable. With this greenhouse you can not only choose your own size and shape, you can also choose what elements you need. Whether you need just the frame, or you want an entire greenhouse kit; it's all possible with the High Tunnel greenhouse..


fall gardening

Best Plants for Autumn

If you’re in a warmer climate where plants won’t have to contend with freezing temperatures, planting in a raised bed garden is a simple choice that will add elegance to your back yard. Container plants like herbs and vegetables will thrive in mild temperatures in your garden this fall. A shade canopy is another great tool for areas where you won’t have to contend with snow or ice. As for crops in your greenhouse during fall gardening season, hardy plants like swiss chard, cabbage, spinach, and peas are all great choices that will last through the winter chill. For more tips on how to customize your greenhouse year-round, check out this past blog on the topic.


Whether you’re planting crops in a warm climate or winter snow, these fall gardening tips will help you make the most of the beautiful autumn weather. A little planning now will pay off this spring when you have a bountiful garden!