Must-Have Shed Accessories for Better Backyard Storage
Whether you use your outdoor storage solution to stash gardening supplies, lawn equipment, or even vehicles, a few helpful accessories can easily improve your shed’s capabilities. Shelving, floor kits, and other additives increase space, security, and your shed’s lifespan for better backyard storage. Get the most out of your storage solution this year with these useful and practical shed accessories.

Shelves and Tool Racks for Organized Backyard Storage

Too often, outdoor items get tossed into the storage shed without a second thought. The more tools, toys and equipment pile inside your structure, the harder it gets to maintain or even use. Instead, include useful wall storage in order to maximize space, stay organized, and avoid a cluttered mess in your shed. Shelves and tool racks free up floor space and allow you to conveniently store items at eye level for easy access. (For more on smart shelving and shed organization, check out this recent blog post.)

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PRO TIP: Looking for versatile shelving? The Arrow Attic/Workbench Kit can be installed at multiple heights to serve as a convenient storage attic or handy workbench in your 10 ft. wide steel shed. Utilize however you need it for added workspace or out-of-the-way storage!

Roof Strengthening and Base Kits for a Longer Steel Shed Lifespan

When you invest in a backyard storage solution, make it a priority to maximize your shed’s lifespan. This requires proper assembly, regular maintenance, and taking extra precautions when necessary. For steel sheds, add base kits and roof strengthening kits for a durable and efficiently assembled structure. Base kits help provide a square and level base for your shed while keeping your building and stored items off the ground. A roof strengthening kit provides added protection against snow accumulation or harsh weather to ensure your shed withstands the elements. Find both in multiple size options to perfectly fit your storage shed. See all our steel sheds - available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

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PRO TIP: Has your fabric shed already experienced detrimental weather damage? Don’t give up on your structure yet! Start fresh with a ShelterLogic Replacement Cover Kit to revamp your current fabric shelter for plenty more seasons of use.

Ventilation Kits for Airflow in Your Fabric Shed

If your backyard storage solution houses valuable motor-powered equipment or sensitive chemicals, it’s important to keep the internal climate regulated. In a too-hot or too-cold shed, you increase the risk of mildew, chemical fumes, and more that puts your health and storage structure at risk. Reduce humidity, moisture, and extreme temperatures in your shelter by including an AutoVent Shelter Vent Kit. This automated vent opens and closes based on the interior temperature for a cool and dry storage space. The AutoVent fits and is easy to install in any fabric covered storage shelter. See our entire selection of tarp sheds, garages, and more for convenient and reliable backyard storage.

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Anchors for Securing Your Structure

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, anchors are essential in ensuring the safety and stability of your backyard storage structure. However, it’s important to choose the right anchor based on your location and ground material in order to be effective. Luckily, we offer options for anchoring your shed or storage structure on concrete, grass, gravel, sand, and more! See our helpful anchor guide for more information.

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Ratchet Tite Anchor Kit

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Looking for more accessories for your shed, garage, or canopy? See our entire selection of accessories for better backyard storage, shade, and shelter! Contact us for more information.

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