Outdoor Storage Cleaning and Organization Tips
Buying a steel shed for your property is a great way to keep the back yard looking tidy and beautiful no matter the season. But how you organize the interior of your shed is just as important as how you clean the outside of your storage solution. Here are some simple storage cleaning tips that will give you easy access to everything you need while extending the life of your shed.

Organization is Everything

Whether you’re storing gardening equipment in the summer, or stashing pool items over the winter, how you organize your outdoor storage solution can either make your life easier, or give you a headache. So how can you easily arrange everything while maximizing your space? Step 1: Come up with a plan. Take stock of what you want to store. Know which items you tend to use often and keep those near the front, while seasonal tools can be placed somewhere farther back where you don’t expect to go digging every week.
Pro Tip: For an extra level of organization, add color coded storage bins to help remember where you place seasonal items. It’s both fun and functional!
Step 2: Invest in shelving. One of the best storage cleaning tips is to add shelves to your shed. Not only will it make your shed look fabulous and tidy, you’ll be able to store more and easily see what you’re looking for. This shelving kit is an affordable choice with four brackets and telescoping wall braces to make shelves any length. Before you know it, your gardening tools will all be perfectly laid out and easily accessible whenever you need them. Step 3: Maximize your space with hangers. While the floor of your shed is great for storage, hanging items will give you even more space. Who doesn’t want that? Adding this handy tool hanger kit is a stylish way to stay organized and save space. This option mounts easily on any wall with 5 snap-in tool holders. For a great organization hack, HGTV suggests to use small hangers on doors to add more hanging space to your shed. Sounds like the perfect place for your favorite gardening hat!


Storage Cleaning Tips for Your Shed

If you have a multi-purpose storage shelter like the Versa Shed, you already know you’ve purchased the perfect compact shed for all your storage needs. But there are some important storage cleaning tips you should know for the health of your shed in order to keep it in working order and great condition for years to come.
  • Clean outside finish: You should clean and wax the exterior with spray-on car wax. You can fix scratches with a wire brush and use touch up paint to keep it looking great.
  • Rinse and wash doorways: Keeping dirt and other grit out of your doors can help keep your doors in better working order. Once a year, lubricate your door track with furniture polish.
  • Remove chemicals from shed: Corrosive materials can cause damage to your structure. If you have to store them, do so in air-tight containers.
For more information about how to clean and maintain your backyard steel storage shed, check out these helpful shed tips on caring for your shed.


With these simple storage cleaning tips, you aren't just making the inside of your shed easier to navigate. You are also ensuring the shed structure stays sturdy for years to come. Now your storage solution will look great and stand the test of time.