1. Carport vs. Garage: What Should You Choose?

    Carport vs. Garage: What Should You Choose?

    If you need an extra space to store your items or vehicles, and you're unsure of the advantages of a carport vs. garage, look no further.


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  2. Caring for Your Tarp Building in Winter

    Caring for Your Tarp Building in Winter
    Come wintertime, having the perfect outdoor storage building for your vehicle and snow removal equipment is invaluable. Whether you’re storing your automobile or a snow blower, you can ensure your belongings will stay safe in a tarp building.

    Strong, sturdy fabric garages and fabric sheds are excellent, affordable tarp buildings that can handle tough weather all year long. They’re great for keeping vehicles and plows ready for action, as well as for storing your offseason gear and equipment.

    However, it’s important to make sure your tarp building is prepared for the possibility of snow or other winter weather. Before winter comes, fabric buildings need to be cleaned and inspected to confirm they are up to the task.

    We recommend you take the following steps to make sure your tarp building stays in great condition this season.
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  3. 3 Tricks to Master End of Summer Cleaning

    3 Tricks to Master End of Summer Cleaning

    The days of lounging poolside in your backyard are coming to a close. Temperatures are getting cooler and soon you’ll be trading in those outdoor barbecues for fall get-togethers by the bonfire. You know what that means: it’s time for end of summer cleaning. Here are some tips and tricks to transition from summer to fall and get you organized and ready for the cooler season.

    Say Goodbye to Summer

    End of Summer Cleaning Before making the perfect plan for fall storage, you have to pack away all the pool toys and gardening tools first. End of summer cleaning can get started on the wrong foot if you try to start fall organization before you’ve packed away last season’s items. Sheds are the perfect storage solution for all your outdoor gear. For a multi-purpose horizontal shed that’s great for storing your trash cans or tools for the garden, the Versa Shed is the perfect solution. Its self-balancing lid makes it easy to open while offering two access points to your outdoor items. As an added bonus, the 2-Point Locking System gives this attractive shed added security. To give your outdoor space a little extra character, the Woodridge Steel Storage Shed is a solution that’s easy on the eyes. Function meets fashion with its attractive wood grain exterior. Its sturdy, durable building material also keeps those pesky pests away. If you like the idea of a shed for end of summer cleaning, but think you might need a bigger area for storage, you can customize your own! ShelterCoat Sheds give you thousands of options. Choose your style, size, even the color for a custom shed to store your all your items in one place. The fabric is UV treated and 100% waterproof, which means your belongings are safe from wind, rain, and even snow.

    Create a Safe Place for Vehicle...

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  4. 4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection

    4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection

    Even in the warmer months, your vehicles need quality weather protection. Rain and overexposure to sunlight often cause rust and fading, compromising your vehicle’s e...

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  5. How to Maintain Tarp Buildings

    How to Maintain Tarp Buildings

    Tarp buildings provide reliable, portable, and versatile storage space. With easy-to-assemble yet durable materials, these structures offer convenient storage you can count on virtually anywhere. Not only that, but with proper care and minimal upkeep, you can easily re-purpose your tarp building for a number of uses. Find out how to get the most out of your fabric shed and maximize your investment for a long-lasting structure with these simple maintenance tips.

    Start with Proper Assembly

    tarp buildings First and foremost, proper assembly is crucial for ensuring a sturdy and safe storage structure. When erected over a flat, level surface away from other existing structures, you help guarantee stability while avoiding potential risks such as snow or accumulated debris falling from one structure onto the roof of your fabric building. Also, choose a spot with sufficient drainage to further prevent moisture accumulation in and around your tarp shed. As you assemble, ensure bolts are secure on your frame and your cover is taut to resist tearing due to heavy winds and inclement weather. See our manuals page for complete assembly instructions to all our tarp buildings.
    PRO TIP: Proper assembly requires anchoring your structure. Check out our accessories page and choose the best anchor based on ground material and structural needs in order to secure your structure and meet wind and snow load expectations.

    Care & Cleaning

    As mentioned earlier, keeping a tight cover greatly reduces the risk of tears. Always maintain a properly fitted cover and keep your roof clear of snow or excess debris. When removing snow from your shelter, use soft instruments such as a dull edged broom or mop. Avoid using hard-edged tools like rakes or shovels so you don’t accidentally puncture your cover. To clean your tarp building, simply use mild soap and water. Do not use bleach or harsh abrasive products. Remove snow from the base of your shed to avoid mold or mildew spots at the bottom of your cover or rust to your frame.
    PRO TIP: Avoid moisture or condensation inside your shelter by purchasing a vent kit. This ensures a cool and dry interior to keep your cover and valuables inside safe from damage.

    Replacement Covers

    tarp buildings While our tarp buildings consist of quality fabric meant to last, many seasons of use can wear down your shelter cover. Instead of buying an entirely new unit, simply replace your cover to extend the lifespan of your original tarp building. Or, invest in a replacement cover if you’re looking to equip your building with higher-quality weather protection. Our replacement cover kits come in multiple weights and strength options to maximize coverage capabilities. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for a stronger replacement cover.
    PRO TIP: Don’t want to replace your entire cover due to a small rip just yet? No problem. A common fabric patch or vinyl patch kit can be used with adhesive spray for a quick fix.

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  6. ShelterLogic's Winter Storage Gift Guide

    ShelterLogic's Winter Storage Gift Guide

    Winter is here, and if you haven’t yet found the perfect storage unit to keep your items safe in the cool weather, now’s your chance. At ShelterLogic we’ve got the perfect winter storage for RVs, boats, classic cars and more. Looking to tuck away expensive outdoor items from the elements? We’ve got the perfect winter storage option for you. In this gift guide, you’ll learn about our unique shelter and storage solutions that provide the most reliable protection and the differences between them. Discover our range of shelter products from premium and customizable solutions to affordable pre-fab options. Choose the shelter that’ll best suit your winter storage needs.

    Premium Winter Storage Options

    Made to Order ShelterTech SP Buildings...

    For tough w
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  7. Why Choose a Custom ShelterTech SP Series Building?

    Why Choose a Custom ShelterTech SP Series Building?

    Learn More about ShelterLogic's Premium Line of Custom ShelterTech SP Series buildings...

    At ShelterLogic, we have hundreds of garages and buildings – f
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