1. 5 Fun Outdoor Learning Activities You and Your Kids Will Love

    5 Fun Outdoor Learning Activities You and Your Kids Will Love
    Schools may close for the rest of the academic year, and summer youth activities are up in the air. So, can we keep our children’s minds busy when they stay home? There are several outdoor learning activities that can take place on a laptop or a television screen. However, there are also many outdoor learning activities that can take place right in your backyard, and don’t require the Internet!
    Let’s look at 5 fun outdoor learning activities that your kids will love, and can be done in the backyard:

    Grow Your Own Vegetables

    Gardening changes and improves kids’ lives, their communities, and the planet. Not only is growing vegetables a fun learning activity, it can lead to healthy habits. Food researchers at Ohio State University and Cornell University found that children are five times more likely to eat salad when they have grown it themselves.
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  2. Event and Party Tents: Should You Rent or Buy?

    Event and Party Tents: Should You Rent or Buy?

    Event tents are an ideal way to shelter guests from the elements no matter what type of party you’re throwing. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or even backyard barbecues, party tents and shades will make guests more comfortable and allow your get-together to go off without a hitch. Many people aren’t sure whether to rent or buy an event tent. There are pros and cons to each, and you should first figure out how you’re planning to use party tents before making a decision.

    Ways to Use Event Tents

    When most people think of event tents, they automatically think of an outdoor wedding. While that is an incredibly popular reason to purchase or rent party tents, there are many different ways you can use these shelter solutions:
    • Corporate event: There are many different reasons businesses gather employees together. Whether it’s a celebration, training, or retreat, party tents can be utilized to shelter guests or even provide a space for them to check in to the main event held indoors.
    • Tailgate: People take the big game seriously these days, and that means bigger than ever tailgating parties. Maybe it’s your favorite professional sports team, or an end of the year event for your child’s baseball team. Either way, event tents will provide shelter and boost the fun factor.
    • Backyard barbecue: The heat can damper any backyard event if your guests have no place to escape from the sun. Provide shade and shelter with an event tent.
    • Birthday parties: Whether you’re throwing a children’s party or fancier sweet 16 bash, party tents can create the ambiance you’re looking for.
    • School festivals: School fundraising events are a great way to use event tents, providing a place for shelter, games, and a great area to eat food.
    • Farmers markets: Store the food you’re selling under an event tent, and people have more time to browse while staying out of the sun. Not to mention, your goods will be sheltered from the elements as well.
    • Rest area: Sometimes you may not want to use party tents for an actual party. Perhaps you have workers on your property for a large event and need a space for them to rest or get out of the sun.
    Event tents are ideal for making sure you and your guests have proper sun protection.... At the end
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  3. From Greenhouses to Animal Shade: How These Affordable Farming Supplies Can Benefit Your Land

    From Greenhouses to Animal Shade: How These Affordable Farming Supplies Can Benefit Your Land

    Every farm, big and small has essential equipment that makes a farmer’s life easier and contributes to a successful season. But beyond that, these must-have a...

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  4. The AccelaFrame: 5 Places to Use Your Easy Up Canopy

    The AccelaFrame: 5 Places to Use Your Easy Up Canopy

    If you spend any time outside, buying an easy up canopy is a no-brainer. The AccelaFrame Canopy 10 x 20 ft. is a hassle-free way to keep yourself or your property out of those harmful UV rays.  It’s a durable option that will provide you with 200 sq. Ft. of shade in just 15 minutes. Here are 5 places you can take advantage of this ShelterLogic Canopy.

    Put Your Toes in the Sand

    easy up canopy Imagine sitting on your portable chair at the beach, listening to the waves crash and waiting on a hot dog from the grill. The only problem is, the sun is beating down on your head and you’re squinting while trying to read your book. The AccelaFrame Canopy will keep you cool while providing all the shade you need for you and your family. This canopy is big enough for a family reunion on the beach, or even a birthday party for your kids. As a bonus, you won’t spend hours setting up like some canopy tents. This easy up canopy will be ready to go before your children even have time to start building sand castles! And with the locking pin system, you’ll know it can stand up to a windy day by the water.

    Keep the Backyard Barbecue Cool

    easy up canopy Whether you’re enjoying a summer cookout, or you’re grilling hot dogs over a bonfire, guests at any gathering will appreciate the extra cover. Intense heat can spoil a barbecue if your friends and family have nowhere to sit and relax. The AccelaFrame’s high-grade steel frame provides a sturdy place for any group to gather. It can also keep all your food safe from the sun. Shop all outdoor shade products for other ways to keep your guests out of the elements.

    Tailgate in Style with a Unique Easy Up Canopy

    easy up canopy Sure, sitting on the back of your truck and enjoying some burgers with fellow football fans can be a lot of fun. But why not take your tailgate party up a notch with an easy up canopy? The AccelaFrame will keep you and your friends out of the elements while you wait for the big game to start. And when you’re done, taking it down is easy. Simply unfold the frames and pack it away for easy storage, and you’re ready to go catch the action on the field!

    Beat the Heat at Your Next Garage Sale or Farmer’s Market

    Easy up canopy Whether you’re selling your old clothes in your front yard at this weekend’s garage sale or setting up at your local farmer’s market, an easy up canopy is the way to go. Function meets style with the AccelaFrame. The attractive cover is UV treated inside and out to prevent fading and deterioration. Your customers will appreciate the appearance, while the items you’re selling will be out of the harsh sunlight. In addition, there are fewer parts to this easy up canopy, which will save you a ton of time when you’re ready to pack up and go home. To see for yourself how the setup compares to a standard pipe canopy, watch this video.

    Protect Your Vehicle from Damage

    easy up canopy Your car, truck, or ATV can really take a beating from the elements. Mother nature can wreak havoc if you don’t take steps to prevent your vehicles from harsh weather. The AccelaFrame Canopy has a ripstop tough fabric cover, which is also waterproof. If you want an easy and affordable way to keep dirt and debris from your vehicle, shop ShelterLogic’s wide array of ...
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  5. How to Assemble an AccelaFrame Canopy

    How to Assemble an AccelaFrame Canopy

    How To Assemble An AccelaFrame Canopy

    The Evolution of the Canopy – Why spend time on assembly when you can spend it enjoying y
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  6. How-To Install Shade Sails from ShelterLogic for Your Pool or Patio

    How-To Install Shade Sails from ShelterLogic for Your Pool or Patio

    Shade Sails Look Great and They're Built to Last...

    Here at ShelterLogic we try to create affordable and unique shade solutions and patio covers that will last more than one season. We're big fans of our Shade Sails and Shade Cloth, and we're not alone - our customers love them too. Scott Dawson of Trumansburg, NY purchased a ShadeLogic 12 ft. x 12
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