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  1. Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Seasonal Essentials for Mom

    Mother's Day Gift Guide
    Not sure what to get mom this holiday?

    Find gardening gadgets, shade solutions, and more outdoor items with our Mother's Day Gift Ideas.
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  2. Creative Garden Ideas for Spring

    Creative Garden Ideas for Spring

    The spring season almost always inspires a fresh start. Whether you plan to clean out the attic or get your front lawn healthy again after a long winter, everyone feels motivated to revitalize their space this time of year. Rejuvenate your garden this spring and make it a space you’ll never want to escape. Find out how to include some eye-catching new plants, incorporate attractive outdoor décor, and utilize useful tools with these creative garden ideas.

    Try New Seedlings in a Greenhouse

    With a backyard greenhouse, you greatly expand your options for what to grow regardless of your planting zone. You can get creative with your planting efforts by trying out some new seedlings for the season! Utilizing a GrowIT Backyard Greenhouse for efficient backyard gardening can help extend the season and better accommodate your unique plants. Thanks to its 4 ft. shelving, it makes organizing the interior of your greenhouse easy. Temperature regulation is simplified thanks to screen vents for ventilation, and our unique Luminate fabric improves plant growth by evenly diffusing the light. Grow better, stronger plants – faster. Also, you can use a greenhouse to get a head start on your summer plants. You can plant new summer bulbs, or the bulbs that you dug up in the fall to keep safe from the winter frost. Additionally, you can get a head start on warm weather vegetables that are not very frost-tolerant, like tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. A greenhouse can be used to try out trendy new annuals like beacon impatiens, silver strand didelta, or I’Conia hybrid begonias or perennials like the firefly amethyst, dicentra “pink diamonda,” or “orange you awesome” echinacea before you move them to your garden. If you like how they look, you can transplant them into a garden or a planter. If you don’t like them, you can give them to neighbors, or bring them to a local plant swap event.

    Add Beautiful Low Maintenance Plants

    Do you consider landscaping to be a must-do chore and not a fun hobby? Then you should think about planting some shrubs or perennials along your house, driveway, sidewalk, fence, wall, or ...
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  3. 8 Tips for Using Your Shade Cover

    8 Tips for Using Your Shade Cover

    There are plenty of options for deck or patio shade, but shade sails offer a charmingly unique and practical solution. Not only do they provide quality sun protection...

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  4. Creative Mother's Day Home and Garden Gift Ideas

    Creative Mother's Day Home and Garden Gift Ideas

    Skip the flowers this year and check out some of these creative Mother's Day home and...

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