1. Garages and Sheds: How to Make the Best Choice for Your Storage Needs

    Garages and Sheds: How to Make the Best Choice for Your Storage Needs
    When you need to declutter your house or find a place park a new ATV, motorcycle, or mower, garages and sheds are the ultimate storage solutions. But what if you’re unsure of the difference between a storage shed and a garage, and which structure is best for your needs?

    There are many things to think about before you choose between a garage and a storage shed. Your decision can’t be based solely on what you need to store. You also need to consider the amount of space, and even your budget, before you choose.

    Find out more about these distinct but similar structures, and which will be the best option for you.

    What’s the Difference Between a Garage and a Storage Shed

    Garages and storage sheds are similar by nature. Both are outdoor storage buildings that are primarily used to store a variety of items. However, garages and storage sheds are not one size fits all solutions. Also, while each building for storage serves different purposes, they do have similar features.
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  2. Backyard Getaway: Turn an Outdoor Storage Building into a Man Cave

    Backyard Getaway: Turn an Outdoor Storage Building into a Man Cave
    There’s an old saying that a man’s home is his castle. Truth be told, it really isn’t. If you’re a married man, it means you share your home with your wife, and most likely your kids. That means you can’t hang your posters in the living room, which is probably overrun with children’s toys. You may no longer have privacy in your home, so why not gain your own space with a man cave in your backyard? You can convert a portable garage, shed, or other outdoor storage building into your own backyard getaway. All it takes to build a backyard man cave is some creativity and ingenuity. Once you assemble it, your backyard man cave can be the home-away-from-home you’ve always dreamed of.
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  3. Winter Preparation: What to Do with Your Outdoor Items

    Winter Preparation: What to Do with Your Outdoor Items

    For many, winter time means the arrival of snow, ice, and bitter cold temperatures. This chilly weather means people spend less time outside, and more time staying warm by the fire. But that doesn't mean you should forget about protecting all your valuable belongings through this weather. Here are some great tips for winter preparation, and how you can make sure your outdoor items stay safe year-round.

    Winter Preparation for Your Vehicles...

    Let’s face it: Vehicles are one of the priciest investments y
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  4. Easy Storage: 5 Fast-Assembly Sheds

    Easy Storage: 5 Fast-Assembly Sheds

    Easy Assembly Sheds Make Your Life  A Lot Easier

    If your belongings have started to pile up in the back yard, chances are you've already decided it’s time for a shed. You can store anything from garden tools to ATVs, while ensuring they are safe from the elements. But you may not have the time or money to build one from scratch, or spend days putting together a complicated building. He
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  5. What You Need to Know When Building a Shed

    What You Need to Know When Building a Shed

    When space is getting limited in your backyard, it may be tempting to start stashing those gardening tools and extra pool accessories in your garage. But when it starts to get cramped, getting an attractive and durable shed is a great way to guarantee you’ll have enough room for your vehicle, lawn equipment, or anything else you need to store on your property. Before deciding on an outdoor storage solution, it’s important to think about your needs. Choose from steel or fabric sheds that won't break the bank, and will last you season after season. Use one of our versatile shed solutions to store and protect ATV's, snowmobiles, pool items, garden tools and much more. To find out what shed solution is best for you, you'll want to do some planning.


    First Things First

    building a shed One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to check with their local zoning department before building a shed. Imagine taking all that time to build your new structure, only to learn that you're not up to code. Do yourself a favor and take that added step before beginning construction. It will save you time, money, and frustration. An added bonus to constructing a ShelterLogic shed is that most do not require a building permit. You should also take some time to measure the area where you want your shed, and think about what you’ll be storing inside. If you create a shed that’s too small, your belongings will be crowded and difficult to access. If you construct a shed that’s too big for your yard, you may end up taking space for other leisure items. Doing some simple measurements will help tremendously in the long run.

    Building a Shed in a Snap

    When you think about the time it takes to build your own storage solution from scratch, it may seem overwhelming. For an affordable shed with simple setup, the Shed-in-a-Box RoundTop... is a perfect choice. Not only is it easy on the wallet, it’s designed for use in every season. The all-steel frame and premium powder-coated finish ensure your shed won't corrode and rust over time. Its durable rip-stop fabric cover is made fro
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  6. 5 Solutions for Bulk Storage

    5 Solutions for Bulk Storage

    Finding a reliable solution for bulk storage doesn't have to be tricky. When looking for a place to safeguard your outdoor items, you'll want something that will hold up against tough weather and still keep your valuables safe and dry. But you also may want some flexibility if you need to move the shelter or garage to another location. Whether you’re storing hay and fertilizer on a farm, goods for your business, or your backyard vehicle or power tools, here are 5 solutions you can rely on.

    Bulk Storage T...

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  7. 3 Tricks to Master End of Summer Cleaning

    3 Tricks to Master End of Summer Cleaning

    The days of lounging poolside in your backyard are coming to a close. Temperatures are getting cooler and soon you’ll be trading in those outdoor barbecues for fall get-togethers by the bonfire. You know what that means: it’s time for end of summer cleaning. Here are some tips and tricks to transition from summer to fall and get you organized and ready for the cooler season.

    Say Goodbye to Summer

    End of Summer Cleaning Before making the perfect plan for fall storage, you have to pack away all the pool toys and gardening tools first. End of summer cleaning can get started on the wrong foot if you try to start fall organization before you’ve packed away last season’s items. Sheds are the perfect storage solution for all your outdoor gear. For a multi-purpose horizontal shed that’s great for storing your trash cans or tools for the garden, the Versa Shed is the perfect solution. Its self-balancing lid makes it easy to open while offering two access points to your outdoor items. As an added bonus, the 2-Point Locking System gives this attractive shed added security. To give your outdoor space a little extra character, the Woodridge Steel Storage Shed is a solution that’s easy on the eyes. Function meets fashion with its attractive wood grain exterior. Its sturdy, durable building material also keeps those pesky pests away. If you like the idea of a shed for end of summer cleaning, but think you might need a bigger area for storage, you can customize your own! ShelterCoat Sheds give you thousands of options. Choose your style, size, even the color for a custom shed to store your all your items in one place. The fabric is UV treated and 100% waterproof, which means your belongings are safe from wind, rain, and even snow.

    Create a Safe Place for Vehicles Ahead of Fall

    End of Summer Cleaning... With the cooler weather comes a different set of elements to protect your car against
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