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  1. COVID-19: Temporary Buildings Will be Needed for Mass Vaccine Clinics

    COVID-19: Temporary Buildings Will be Needed for Mass Vaccine Clinics
    Cities, counties, and states from coast to coast are upping the ante on lockdowns and restrictions due to an uptick in positive COVID-19 cases, but the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. As more news of successful clinical trials of a vaccine are being reported, temporary vaccine clinics will be needed to handle the demand for vaccinations. The demand for temporary fabric buildings, portable party tents, and commercial-grade canopies are going to be on the rise as pharmacies and medical facilities look to create short-term and long-term solutions for vaccine clinics. These structures can be quickly assembled and anchored* to a variety of surfaces and allow vaccine clinics to be set up quickly.
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  2. Storage and Shelter for Outdoor Work

    Storage and Shelter for Outdoor Work

    Whether you are taking care of a farm, or working on a commercial job site, finding quality storage solutions can be tricky. You want durable options that can...

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  3. Portable Building Kits: From Garages to Greenhouses and More

    Portable Building Kits: From Garages to Greenhouses and More
    Looking for a low-maintenance, multi-purpose, and mobile backyard structure? Check out our selection of portable building kits for convenient and reliable storage, shelter, and more solutions to satisfy your needs.

    Why Choose a Portable Building?

    When searching for a shelter or storage structure, it’s important to consider a few factors to determine the best option for your needs – one of those factors being portability vs. permanence.

    Portable building kits provide a convenient and versatile space for a wide range of purposes. These structures typically consist of an easy-to-assemble frame with a fabric or tarp cover. Compared to permanent structures, portable solutions offer these benefits and more:
    • Both short-term and long-term usage capabilities.
    • Typically no building permits, added property taxes, or on-site renovations are required.
    • Portable buildings offer an affordable and low-maintenance investment.
    • Units are easy to assemble, disassemble, and move to repurpose when desired.

    While permanent structures have their advantages too, these are just a few benefits when you opt for a portable building. For more reasons to choose portable over permanent, check out our 6 benefits to using a temporary storage solution.
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  4. Custom Storage and Shelter: 4 Solutions You Can Personalize

    Custom Storage and Shelter: 4 Solutions You Can Personalize

    The ideal backyard storage solution differs for everyone. Whether you need to store gardening tools, lawn essentials, or even vehicles, you'll want storage that meets your specific needs. ShelterLogic offers convenient, reliable, and customizable sheds, garages, and other outdoor structures for storage and shelter the way you want it. Check out these custom storage options for your ultimate backyard solution.

    1. ShelterCoat Custom Sheds

    Custom Storage The ShelterCoat... offers personalized storage for ATV’s, lawn and garden e
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  5. 4 Reasons to Buy a Portable Garage

    4 Reasons to Buy a Portable Garage

    Looking to store and protect cars, tractors, boats, and other valuable vehicles and equipment without too much hassle? A portable garage may be the perfect solution...

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  6. 4 Reasons Why You Need RV Storage and RV Protection

    4 Reasons Why You Need RV Storage and RV Protection
    Your RV is a significant investment -- both in terms of money and the fun you expect from it. That is why it is important to find the right kind of RV storage and RV protection. The right RV storage solution can protect your investment and improve the quality of your experience when using an RV.

    RV Protection: Shield the RV's exterior

    Between the atmosphere and the harmful UV rays, the elements can exterior of your RV will likely show signs of aging pretty quickly. You might not even notice these effects at first because they'll likely be concentrated on the roof. There, the paint will start to fade. The sun will also make the vinyl or rubber on the outside of your RV break down and crack. Hail and pounding rain can also mar the exterior surface of your RV. Shielding it from these environmental effects under a ShelterCoat or ShelterTech custom building will not only help your RV retain its good looks but also extend the lifespan of its exterior features.
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  7. See Our ShelterTech SP Series Building At The Simsbury-Fly In Show This Weekend!

    See Our ShelterTech SP Series Building At The Simsbury-Fly In Show This Weekend!

    Join us at the Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show and see our ShelterTech SP Series building in person...

    On Sunday, September 25th 2016, ShelterLogic will be
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  8. Why Choose a Custom ShelterTech SP Series Building?

    Why Choose a Custom ShelterTech SP Series Building?

    Learn More about ShelterLogic's Premium Line of Custom ShelterTech SP Series buildings...

    At ShelterLogic, we have hundreds of garages and buildings – f
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  9. Customer Testimonial: ShelterLogic's ShelterTech SP Series Building

    Customer Testimonial: ShelterLogic's ShelterTech SP Series Building

    Should you custom build a ShelterTech SP Series building?

    To assist our customers in making better buying decisions, we’ll be showcasing customer testimonials that highlight many of the pros and cons of some of our shelters, canopies and garages. Our goal? To help you narrow down your decision and find the shade or shelter that’s right for you. Our first installment will focus on our premium line of custom shelters, the ShelterTech SP Series.

    Tough Weather, No Problem: See How the ShelterTech SP Series Holds Up

    ShelterTech SP Series ShelterLogic SnowKansas’s weather can get pretty rough, with temperatures ranging from below zero in the winter to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Paul, a customer in Kansas, purchased his own custom a 12 x 8 x 20 ft. ShelterTech SP Series in June 2015, and he proudly explained that wind, rain, shine and even some hail - his building is still going strong
    The unit is set up on a compacted gravel base [approximately] 12-18 inches deep on a slight slope. The opening side faces west, with some early morning shade from tall pines. The Kansas temps can vary from below zero winter to above 100 degrees F [in the] summer. Since installed (approximately June 2015) there have been some storms with gusts to 70 mph, some hail, and not much snow.

    What Can You Store In A ShelterTech SP Series?

    screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-5-04-55-pmSince the ShelterTech SP Series line is customizable, it’s possible to custom build these units to extremely big (and up to 100 ft. long if you need it), to as small as a 13 x 20 x 12 ft. Garage-In-A-Box (just stronger). In Paul’s case, he was able to store quite a bit of equipment in his 12 x 8 x 20 ft. ShelterTech SP Series building.
    I store five pieces of larger outdoor equipment and several smaller ones: a Kubota CUT tractor, a Case Lawn & Garden tractor, a Chipper Shredder, a Cyclone Rake assembled, a 55 gallon Sprayer, and some smaller stuff.

    How Easy Is The ShelterTech SP Series to Assemble?

    Depending on the size building you need and custom build, assembly may be more complicated. Generally though, we try to make assembly as easy as possible. For his 12 x 8 x 20 ft. ShelterTech SP Series building, Paul explained that assembly was easy.
    I was able to assemble it 90% by myself. I need a neighbor to pull top cover over. It wasn't all that expensive or complicated to do.

    ShelterTech SP Series Pro’s and Cons

    As with any product, depending on what you need there will be things you love and things you feel can be improved. For Paul, he’s pretty happy with his ShelterTech SP Series, and he seems pleased with the way that the building has held up even in some tough weather over the course of the last year.
    Obviously, the ability to get my equipment out of the weather [is the most enjoyable thing about this product].... be it sun, rain or snow. [And ShelterLogic] company support has been outstanding for the times I’ve contacted Customer Service…a better pulley could help but the zipper works fine.

    screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-20-47-am-copyShould You Get a Custom ShelterTech SP Series...

    We get a lot of questions about the ShelterTech SP Series from customers, and one of the first questi
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